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Oxley highway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by icestorm, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Has anyone done much riding through there?
    Have heard it had a 65km section of twisties.

  2. talk to rc36, by his accounts I'd say its his favourite road.
  3. or me :)

    It's a fabulous piece of road, worth riding up and then back down again

    you'll need to concentrate hard for the whole length, there's no let up

    when I rode it last my hands were shaking with the physical and mental effort required when we got to the top

    (Plus I destroyed what was left of my rear tyre :LOL:)

    then he said, 'let's ride back down'

    pray for fine weather, though, it's miserable being stuck on such a marvellous road in the wet :(.
  4. Nice will be visiting family in tamworth start of october ,so think i will have to go for a ride up that while while i am there .

  5. be warned that the road between the Oxley and Tamworth is BORING!!!!!
  6. Sweeties the Commercial Hotel in Walcha is very two wheel friendly......
    Darlings let me whisper in your ear - watch for the excretia from the cattle trucks.....
  7. They're continually resurfacing bits and pieces of it as the condition degraded significantly after heavy rainfall a while back. The bottom part after long flat as you start to climb the mountain is resurfaced for several hundred metres, then it goes back to crap again. Kind of a tease, but hopefully the whole thing will be done soon. Great fun to ride just make sure you choose a sustainable pace.
  8. Its just so long,so many 35kph corners,especially down hill.Be prepared to concentrate for a very long time,its my favourite as well.Well its close to The Snowy Mountains Hwy loop
  9. Go the Oxley.

    +1 on the Commercial Hotel. If you can't get in there, the Apsley Arms is just as good (they are both owned by the same company). I regularly stay at the AA.

    +100 on the need to concentrate, the twisties will bite you if you don't watch it, bu it is SO rewarding when you get it right..

    In the "Touring Tales" section of my blog there are a number of ride reports from the Oxley and the roads around there.

    You WILL enjoy.
  10. One of my favourite roads. Best done East to West. Stop @ Gingers Creek for a coffee. Also watch out for any road works where I've hit gravel mid corner. Otherwise road surface is pretty good IMHO.
  11. And bear in mind that Gingers is usually closed on Tuesdays.
  12. Hey rc36, planning to do the oxley next month - either of those pubs have off street parking - hard to tell from the website.
  13. Darlings what was I thinking, if you stop off in Walcha you simply must stop at Cafe Craze which located in Derby Street.....their double decaf soy latte's are just fab.......

    As for the Oxley - sweeties how do I say this politely.......I ride it with brisk gay abandon...
  14. you missed the chai there, honey

  15. Both hotels will provide off-street parking for bikes, you just have to ask!!

    The Apsley even provides an angle grinder for you to cut your disk lock off if you lock it and then realise that you've left the key at home, 700kms away!!

  16. Im guessing there be a good place to get fuel somewhere in the area?
  17. A place or a good place? And what's the difference?
  18. good as in nearest not ment as like good or bad
  19. There are 2 servos in Walcha, the Caltex is an early-opener which can be very helpful. In Wauchope, stop at the servo just over the railway line as you come in to town from the East (Port Mac side). An old BEARS racer named Warren McWirter works there and he always looks after passing motorcyclists well. Brings out the Windex for your visor and so forth, he's a top guy.

    Oh, and breakfast at the "Fuzzy Duck Cafe" in the main street of Wauchope is also recommended.