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Oxley Highway (Wauchope to Walcha)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by PeterPorker80, May 23, 2013.

  1. I'm keen to do the Oxley Highway at some point this year. Anyone else interested? Anyone done it that can share their experience with doing it?

    It'll be a two-day overnight trip on a weekend.

    I'm thinking leaving on Saturday at some point and head to Wauchope. Stay overnight at Wauchope (or even Port Macquarie).
    Google link: http://goo.gl/maps/81qNO

    Then, on Sunday morning, go from Wauchope to Walcha.
    Google link: http://goo.gl/maps/AnwlF

    Finally, have lunch at Walcha before heading back to Sydney.
    Google link: http://goo.gl/maps/au2b7

    Anyone done this before from Sydney?
    What route did you take?
    How did you go with timings?
  2. Good country style accommodation at Travellers Rest Hotel, Long Flat.....near bottom of mountain
  3. Found it. Looks good. About a 5th of the way. to Walcha.

    @vifferrob, being in Port Macquarie, any recommendations w/ how to ride the Oxley Highway? Is either direction better?
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    Ive done it a few times from Sydney and there are several routes you can take to get to the Oxley.
    It just depends on how many klms you want to do in a day! Heres the scenic route! That little loop at Buladelah is a must by the way. Its part of the Old Pacific Hwy and is now bypassed. You will see why its a must do when you do it!

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    Return from Walcha

    Last time I did the Oxley itself was at Christmas time and it is fun. So many bends!
    There was a freshly laid section of road which was pretty slippery half way up the hill but that's likely not like that now.
    Other than that watch out for wildlife and other bikes, cars coming around that next corner on the wrong side of the road and you should all be good! Oh and stop and take in the scenery if you get the chance. There are some really pretty stretches of country side along there.
  6. Wow! What was your schedule like?

    I've found Google Maps times to be optimistic and if I were to take it easy on these roads, I reckon I'd have to add 3 hours per way. 10 hours of riding per day!

    Sound like something to do in summer with more daylight...
  7. Depends on wether you prefer to ride up hill or down......great ride either way.I regularly do the run from Port to Gingers Creek for breaky. Some roadworks being done on this stretch at moment.....3 sets of traffic lights....1-2km of resealed section( loose stones) but other than that is pretty good.
  8. Mate I wouldn't recommend that route unless you have the time. You could use parts of it though, EG the turn off at Bulahdelah through to Forster. If you are in a hurry just slab it up the highway!
  9. Hmmm... yeah, to save time, I can skip Putty Rd (on the way up) and Wisemans Ferry Rd (on the way down).

    Would be amazing though!
  10. I did this over three days with a group, could do it over two. First night at Wauchope, second at Glouster

    The road from near Tamworth to Glouster has some big pot holes in the "cutting" but they have sealed it all the way now as of September last year. But a pizza at Glouster could take you a couple of days wait ha ha ha lol aaah.
  11. Yep, a night at Wauchope looks to definitely be in the cards.

    A long wait? Did they have to fly in some Italians to make it for you?
  12. 3hrs and they ran out of cheese, how does a bloody pizza shop run out
    of cheese ? Lol ha ha.

    Anyway on a trip up there you can always include the Nabiac motorcycle museum and apsley falls if you have the time.

    Be sure to stop at gingers creek for a egg and bacon roll and the lookout on thunderbolts if you go that way home.
  13. Just depends on what you are trying to achieve with this trip I suppose. Do you just want to get to the Oxley as quickly as you can and spend as much time as possible there, or is it more about the whole trip , of which the Oxley is a highlight.
  14. I have done it twice in the last 2 months, i have done it 2 different ways

    1) old road to wollombi, singleton, cloucester, wauchope I slept on the side of the road just outside of wauchope leaving liverpool 9am and camped about 4pm

    did oxley around 9am the next day. got to Tamworth about 1pm had lunch then camped outside of singleton about 3 or 4 pm

    road home via putty road home buy lunch on the third day

    2) putty road to singleton, dungog, gloucester and camped again just outside of wauchope.

    did oxsley the next morning and then from walcha i did thunderbolts and camped the night in gloucester arriving about 4pm

    next day i road home via singleton and the old road.

    the highlight was this view


    whichever way you do it it is about 1200km i like to do about 400km a day over 3 days with a few stops to take in the sights a stay fresh
  15. I'm leaning toward the latter. Not keen to jump on the highway but for the sake of fitting it into a weekend, I'd be willing to hop on the highway bypassing routes near Sydney that I can do other times.
  16. To be realisic...this is a 3 nite trip from Sydney if you really want to experience the best of The Oxley. 2nd day should be spent on the mountain....a couple of runs up & down the twisty bits with lunch at Gingers Creek & maybe back to Gloucester for nite.... Then Dungog, Singleton ,Putty ,home.
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  17. I did it a month ago on a 3 day / 2 night trip but leaving from newcastle

    day 1: http://goo.gl/maps/Za2Pq
    day 2: http://goo.gl/maps/iEzsa
    day 3: http://goo.gl/maps/mmCRM

    West is best for the oxley IMHO, my favourite part was the nice asphalt as you start climbing the mountain. There was one section there freshly sealed that seemed to have a lot of loose stones.

    Thunderbolts had some roadworks right on the steepest part towards the glouceter end, was a bit hairy coming down there and hitting a stretch of loose gravel :cautious:

    The one mistake I did make was sleeping in, not leaving til 11am and ending up riding the oxley with the setting sun in my eyes, wasn't too bad on the mountain itself but a biatch for the last 50km or so riding into walcha. You should be right though with the plans you've got.

    What sort of bike are you doing it on?
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  18. vifferrob has nailed it.
    To do the whole ride justice you need to take a day to get there, a day actually on the Oxley allowing for plenty of stops to rest and keep yourself sharp ( all of those corners wear you out) and then a day to ride back to Sydney. The Oxley is a road you don't want to ride tired. You really need to keep yourself sharp.

    I last rode it at Christmas time and did Tamworth to Port, then had lunch before turning around and heading back to Tamworth in the one day. That was 600klm of pretty demanding road for the day on a bike that isn't exactly a touring bike. I was wrecked when I pulled into Tamworth that afternoon despite a two hour stop in Port for lunch and a stroll to check it out and see what had changed since I left. I would have preferred to do it over two days but couldn't.
  19. A Z800.

    That's a great route you did btw!
  20. I'm real keen to come along, but will need to do a lot of work to gain the necessary "good husband points" which will be required.

    Late spring/early Summer would be ideal I reckon. Not too hot by that stage, but warm enough to be comfortable, and hopefully still early enough to beat the start of the rainy season.