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Oxford screamer

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cmarico, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Hey guys and girls!

    Just wondering if anyone has an Oxford screamer disc lock alarm?

    How sensitive are these? As in, if it's raining and a bit windy is it going to be going nuts?

    Also, i understand that if it's tampered with it beeps 4 times? Of it stops being tampered with will it still go off (ie, someone bumps into it) or will it simply stay armed until tampered with again?

    Thanks :)

  2. I've got one and the sensitivity is a bit odd on it. I've had instances where I've put it on the bike and it's gone off when a person walks past but I've had other instances where shaking the bike didn't result in anything. But those are the 2 extremes most of the time I was using it it went off when it should have. I'm not sure about it during heavy wind and rain though.

    It arms itself (4 beeps) and if tampered with within ~30 seconds (from memory) it goes off. If it's not tampered with it resets.
  3. I've got one too, it went off for no reason that I could tell, but it reset and was OK after that. I worry that wind blowing the cover will set it off. It's not very loud though so probably not a huge issue if it did go off a bit. It seems like a decent disc lock with a bonus alarm, rather than a really good alarm.
  4. Ive got one.. I dont bother with the alarm part any more and just use it as a static disc lock.... its just not loud enough.. i wouldnt hear it if it went off in my garage and im only about 5 meters way through a garage roller door and a single glazed crap breezy alloy window.

    As a disc lock i think its good.. as an "alarm" its just not loud enough.. and i dont think mine is actually reaching 100db.. (have used brand new batteries too) id be looking at other units that advertise 110db or good strong non electronic disc locks. (static ones)

    After that rant.. as per the OP's question that i have so far totally ignored.. mine is random.. mounted on the right side front disc sometimes it gives a warning if i TOUCH the soft pannier bag on the same side of the bike.. sometimes it needs a good shock, like physically moving on the disc itself to go into warning mode..

    it gives 4 beeps as a warning.. more movement results in an alarm.. then resets.. in both cases it will reset after 10 or so seconds..
  5. Thanks guys. I'll give it a try. I park in the city frequently so just want something to draw attention without being abnocious and going off from someone walking past.

  6. i found the sensitivity to be just right, hasn't gone off randomly that i have noticed.. yells when the ignition is turned on lol

    however as others have stated.. its not loud at all.. only person that will be hearing it will be the thief
  7. Not particularly loud, but the warning beeps and alarm might deter some opportunists.
    The beeps go off randomly sometimes, maybe an insect lands on it? Its a bit strange because you can do a fair bit to the bike and not set it off, but then it seems to go off for no reason at all.
  8. Ahhh bugger. If I had any brains I would have matched posts to users on Sunday and let the op play with mine. If he hasn't bought one already.
  9. I've got one, it's crap. Batteries lasted six months - that's one month for every watch battery it needs. Plastic around the batteries and alarm chip was cheap and flimsy, the paint wore off after a few weeks and then it started to crack.

    Buy something else.