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Oxford Premium Hot Grips - which model

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Human Potato, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I am going to buy some oxford hot grips. Last time i did that they only had one model, I think. Now I notice they have a Touring, Adventure and Sport models (I am only interested in the premium ones).
    What is the difference between the models? They are going on a Vstrom so naturally the salesman said I should have the Adventure ones, but I would rather make an informed decision.

  2. I think it's just the style of the grips. Sometimes there's a price difference.
  3. Check out their website. The difference appears to be in the grips. The latest model has a battery saver function which is usefull if you just wire it into the battery and not through the ignition which is what I have done.
    It senses lack of battery noise and switches off the heat elements, the control pad stays on for a while but that draws .07 m/a, buggier all..
    If you buy online just make sure it's the premium model with the little green light between the temp graduation lights and the + & - buttons.
  4. Yeah they only difference is the pattern.

    Personally I went with the Sports ones, as they have a pattern similar to Renthals, which are the best grips around

    Also its worth noting - dont expect the power off feature to mean the bike will always start. Its designed to stop damage to the battery but often wont leave enough to start the bike.

    They should be wired up to a relay so they're off as soon as the bike is...

  5. yup, made the mistake of leaving mine on while i was at work... it was a very sluggish turn over...
  6. Wiring into the ignition circuit is definitely the foolproof way of ensuring they turn off, I haven't bothered because the power down function works fine and unless you had a really crap battery .07 m/amps for a few minutes is going to do bugger all.
    Also I am now in the habit of turning them off as part of my shutdown procedure.
    But if you don't trust the system or your self wire em into the ignition no probs.
  7. Well evidence would suggest (as well as the notes provided by Oxford) that in fact they will do more than "bugger all".

    The feature is designed to stop DAMAGE to the battery for those people too lazy to wire them in properly. Is is not a replacement to correctly installing them.

    Yes you may still be able to start little bikes after leaving them on, but try it with a 600 or litre big or especially a big twin and see how you go.
  8. Not according to the installation instructions provided with the product, in fact they go to lengths to affirm that the "battery saver function" allows you to wire it as per their instructions which is straight into the battery
    It's not designed to stop "damage" to the battery at all, it's designed to turn the thing off if you are too "lazy" or stupid to do it yourself when you get off the bike.
    My point was that if you want to wire into the ignition by all means do so but that you don't have to as the current draw is so low and for such a short time that it is unlikely to affect your battery at all. .07 m/amps for 5 minutes wont stop you from starting a 1000cc bike unless your battery was stuffed to start with.
    Bottom line kiddies, if you are worried about it buy a relay and wire it into the ignition. Problem solved.
  9. i got mine installed by the dealer cause i really didnt want to pull my brand new bike to pieces in the first month or so of owning it... and they installed it free for me.
    i was rather pissed off when i found out they didnt wire a relay in and i just havnt fixed it yet.

    considering i will have my bike apart and playing with the wiring in the general area when installing my new eyes, i will be adding a relay for them.

    also, mine is a 750... not a 600 or a litre, but i guess its close enough :) and as i said, quite sluggish turn over and a nervous wait at the first traffic lights (20m away from start point)
  10. mine defiantly drew more than bugger all

    mine was left for ~9 hours while i was at work (one of the first few days of needing them this year, just forgot) and when i went back to the bike, the lights on the controller box were still on

  11. They must have updated again then as I got the latest ones late last year and they had that feature but it was only to stop damage to the battery (and stated as such in the documentation), clearly they have smartened them up somewhat again since then!
  12. Has yours got the little green "battery saver" light, if so it is malfunctioning, it's meant to turn the heat elements off straight away and the control led after 5 minutes. As @fennel suggests if in doubt wire it so that it goes off with the ignition.
  13. well bugger me, i got an old one, mine has 4 settings. purchased new (ordered in) mid to late last year

    but in the documentation that came with it, it did have something about an auto power off thing (which doesnt work mind you).

    but when i have the girl stripped down i will be installing whats needed... and ill put a relay in the bike too ;)
  14. Yes it appears there's been another update last last year or early this year!

    @Necros87 - I reckon you have the same as what I had (which I thought was the latest) - in that they do turn off, but only after they detect a big drop on the battery, which is barely enough to start the bike and sometimes not even enough...