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NSW Oxford luggage

Discussion in 'Free To Good Home' started by snuff3r, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. Don't fit my current bike.

    1) Oxford First Time Tailbag (used, weathered but still perfectly fine)

    This is the current version but almost identical, except my one has only one side pouch that is rear facing instead of two on each side:


    I loved this tailpack, it expands out like nuts and you can get heaps in it.

    2) Oxford First Time Panniers (never used, brand new)

    This is the current version but almost identical. I think mine are a little bigger:


    Both items still have their rain covers, all straps, etc. I have the manuals, etc, too.

    Pickup only from Erskineville. First in best dressed.

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  2. I'd love the Panniers - can pick up anytime...
  3. Those panniers will fit perfectly and serve you well NK :wink:
  4. id love the tailbag, i can pick up tonight after about 8 pm or later in the week until friday.

  5. They didn't last long :]

    Sorry guys, all taken.
  6. The benefits of having to start work early :p, PM me your address mate

  7. Sorry brew, someone beat you to it :-(

    Guess he starts earlier than you :]
  8. Now im confused, do i have it or did someone get it outside of the thread?

  9. Someone else scored it. Sorry again :-(
  10. ah ok mate, no problems
  11. I don't recall if yours were Oxfords, but I liked them and these looked the same - just need a Ventura rack now and you won't see me for weeks...
  12. Yeah mate, I've got the Oxford first time panniers and they rock (for the cost).
  13. I'm just home after picking up my new panniers from Snuffer's house.
    I tried asking him what he'd like to drink as some kind of payment (albeit on the promise of "next payday"...), but he steadfastly refused.
    At one point he actually said the words "Anything for another rider".

    So let it be known here what kind of man Snuffer is, and that if I can ever do anything to help him out, he has my number...
  14. My pleasure dude. I'll have to check them out on a group ride some time :]
  15. They work quite well! Thanks again...
  16. They look great on the bike, congrats on the score.
  17. NK
    If you're planning on going 2 Up, place the rearmost strap behind the grab handle. 20K used to find it was most uncomfortable otherwise.
    It's still very secure because of the strap under the seat.

    Looking good btw. (y)
  18. Thanks Finn. Picking up a rubber mat thingy tomorrow too...
    How does the bag placement look to you? The front of them sits right over the rear pegs and it's been recommended elsewhere I lift and move them rearwards a little? Here's another view:
  19. If you lift them any more, it'll put strain on the stitching where the webbing joins the bag.
    Perfecto where they are dude. As long as the rear of the bag is just tickling the indicator.
    Is that the shortest occy you have to go across the back? I don't recall it going under the indicators and I'm sure it was much tighter. (read perfect length)
  20. Maybe have the front strap sitting just on the pillion 1/2.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.