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Oxford Humpback Deluxe Tailpacks?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BatGrrrL, May 26, 2006.

  1. I've been searching for luggage for the new (*fingers crossed for next week!) VTR250 and have come across the Oxford Tailpacks. Has anyone had any experience with them? Any idea if they fit on VTR250s?

    I'm looking at the "deluxe" model which is rounder than the square model.

    Oxford Humpback Deluxe TailPacks

    Any suggestions for other luggage would also be helpful :)

  2. My son bought the tail bag and a tank bag to tour with and he reckons they are good for the price, they are a universal fit, bloody easy to put on and off, (he did use a couple of extra occies as the bag was fully loaded)
    The best part I found was that they come off quick and your not stuck with an ugly big black Gearsak or Ventura frame spoiling the look of your scoot.

    and looks a lot better than my (borowed from daughter) purple backpack.

  3. Thanks Nobby :) Will keep the extra occies in mind when I'm riding :)
  4. ...it doesn't take long to bump into oxford gear when looking at removable bike luggage... I'm looking at the lifetime tailpack for more storage options... from everything I've heard, oxford are the bees kneez...

    The amc website has some good alternatives to oxford but they just don't seem interested in returning emails, slack prix... sorry went off on a tangent.

    I'd say the humpack tail pack is a good alternative to the tankbag as it leaves you free to really lay all over the tank in corners... the tankbag keeps the racetrack gene at bay... but then again, nothing is as removable and portable as a magnetic tank bag... pull up, stand down, get off, take bag off... in about that many seconds. PLUS, when you're fagged, you can support your helmet off it while riding and give the ol neck muscles a break... my dririder tank bag does a great job.

    ... :blah: someone shut me up. Post gig recovery mode... where's the coffee...