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oxford hot grip twist grip installation

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by oz_johnno, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. hi there,
    I have just installed oxford hot grips on the missus's bike. The prob is in the installation of the throttle grip. I cant push the grip on far enough because of the way the throttle sleeve is flared at the kill switch end. The result is that I had to trim off the excess at the outboard end and have a 3-4mm gap at the kill switch end of the throttle.

    because of this I havent glued the right hand grip on yet.

    Aprt from this looking a bit 'daggy', Im worried about water getting in to the kill switch. Is this a worry ?? I was thinking about using an 'o ring' and some silicon grease to fix it.

    Amy other suggestions ??


  2. Hi Oz

    I wouldn't worry too much about any contaminants entering the switch. They're fairly well sealed.
    If the grip is super tight on the throttle tube you may need to dunk it in hot water to expand it. The water will help it slide on too.

    Oh yeah. If Oxford have supplied their own adhesive in the kit throw it as far away from you as possible and use Selleys 5 minute araldite to secure the grips.