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Oxford heated grips

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RRdevil, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Hi all. I had the pleasure of my brother and sister and partners over last night. My brother in law came later on his CB400. I love his bike. Was chatting about hand guards and he said he had oxford heated grips. This is the new model with the auto power cutoff after a time limit. At first I honestly thought 'what a pansy' so we went and had a look at them. He switched them on and I was very impressed. Needless to say am looking at acquiring some, but as usual I have screw questions which I'm sure a fellow NR can answer.

    1. are these universal fit

    2. Do they really cut the power after a set time. (Don't want a flat battery)

  2. 1. You can get 2 different sizes 7/8 and 1inch
    2. Just wire them to a relay from your head or tail light, that way they are only on if your bike is on
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  3. I have the latest ones and have wired them from the battery. The power off feature does work,,it cuts power to the heat elements as soon as the system senses no action through the battery. The control pad stays on for a few minutes but that only draws .07 mamps which is bugger all.
    If you anal about it buy a relay and wire it up through the ignition system. I have really appreciated having them this winter and would recommend them without hesitation.
    If you are buying online make sure you are getting the latest model, it has a little green led in the centre of the control pad which is the power off indicator.
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  4. Cheers. Number 2 makes perfect sense. I'd better find my bar size because they are tapered bars.

    Cheers mcsenna. I suppose one pretty safe as a buyer as I research stuff almost analy before I buy. Must admit I'm also almost tempted to pick up a cb400 for myself before it gets replaced with some new plastic crap
  5. My cbr has 7/8 bars, I was lead to believe that most bikes, apart from Harleys used 7/8 bars
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  6. Just wear gloves ya poof.
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  7. If you'd had warm hands you might be more popular with the girls.
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  8. Got em fitted on my bimmer, not the latest but it's wired to the ignition so it turns off when the ignition is off. (nice of bmw to have accessory plugs for this purpose) I swear by them they are a life saver when the temperature is 2 degrees.
  9. Blabbs like I said I felt the same about them until I experienced how good they are
  10. Yeah had the husky up over mt lofty the other day and I saw a light flash on the dash. Had no idea what it was. Looked it up in the book. Ended up being ice warning. I suppose I should have expected that considering it is a bmw engine and electronics. But for sure I'll be getting some
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    Just purchased the V.8 Oxfords for $103, in the process of installing, so far I've installed a Narva relay which gets switched on from the rear license plate light. During warmer days I'll just remove the relay (also purchased the relay socket).
  12. I have oxfords. I think they should be a mandatory mod for all weather riders. The only drama I have with them is they have a harder rubber which isn't as grippy, so you may be gripping more depending on your gloves palm stitching arrangement.

    Otherwise, once you're used to them and out in the hills... thoughts shift to heated levers, especially if you're trail braking a lot... lol
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  13. where'd you get yours from Zol, in need to get some for my new [ish] bike :) cheers
  14. My wife has oxford grips on her bike. She loves them.

    Personally, I don't have the need for them, my hands sweat enough without them being any warmer, and in my experience heated hand grips don't seem to be very good at keeping the back of your hand warm.

    But, each to their own. If your hands get cold and you can't operate the controls then get them. If your hands don't get that cold then save your money or spend it on something else.

  15. From PS Ringwood, they had a sale last week, you might be able to get it for that price, maybe.. Congrats on your bike purchase >>;]
  16. ^^ This. The backs of my hands get so cold I ended up putting barkbusters on with the heated grips. Still cold, so the next step is heated glove liners.

    To say I'm envious of all these guys who seem to be able to ride in winter with just a long sleeved Tshirt under their jacket is an understatement! :coldfeet:
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  17. cheers Zol, will ring them and ask.
  18. Already got bark busters on the husky. Heated grips should be good
  19. I've never heard of people taking them off once they've got them.......
  20. I just bought one of these in Touring grip option, in the process of wiring them up. I am planing to wire them with a relay switched by tail light. I am hoping they will be a solution for my frozen fingers during my 45 min commute.