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Oxford heated grips problem

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by chillibutton, May 29, 2016.

  1. Fitting Oxford grips on the Shiv today (seeing as I put PSYKCPSYKC 's ride out of action, thought I better take a crack at mine)...

    All going swimmingly until I tried to fit the throttle grip. Aprilia have a bunch of ridges and bumps on the throttle sleeve which you need to shave off to get the grip to slide on. Ok, done. Throttle sleeve all good and working fine. As soon as I push on the Oxford grip, however, the throttle turns but is stuck in position (i.e. Won't return to throttle off position). No catching at either end that I can see, can't understand what is causing the sticking. I've removed and replaced this half a dozen times, same every time. As soon as Oxford grip is off the throttle sleeve works freely again.

    The inside end of the Oxford grip doesn't even go over the inside raised part of the throttle sleeve, so no chance of catching there, so I assume it's the outside end. I've trimmed the Oxford grip back twice and it's now completely clear of the edge of the throttle sleeve too. Still won't return to throttle off when twisted. So I'm now at a loss!

    Has anyone who has fitted grips had this issue? Solution?

    Tried to load pics but having upload errors :mad:
  2. Yeah had the same problem. If u can get the grip back off the sleeve shave a bit more off the insert so the grip just slides neat over the insert and i also trimmed a little inside the grip at the bar end because that was catching also. Heres a coupla pics if they friggn work! 20160529_125716. 20160529_125711.
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  3. Cheers itchinitchin
    Had just decided that must be it - pressure from the grip on the remaining bumps in the grip causing the sleeve to bulge slightly inwards and gripping the bar a bit.

    Good to hear that worked for you , will address that now.
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  4. I've fitted up heated grips a coupla times before, these by far were the biggest pita!
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  5. Sorted! Geez they need a serious shave but!!
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  6. I had the problem of the whole grip moving whilst riding and not being able to pull the clutch in!!! Pita while riding I tell you. All sorted now, taken off and reglued.
    Ps...my OH put them on ( he is so nice.....sometimes).
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  7. Nice and toasty now, all in place and working. :rolleyes:
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  8. They're a godsend those things... got them on the strom and sorely tempted to put them on The Vibratinator but it may also require a bigger stator to supply the extra grunt needed in case I load up the electricals.
  9. Dash still works?lol:hungry:;)
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  10. Someone had to check... ;)
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  11. Lol smartarse - course not, I took it off, decided I didn't need a speedo in Victoria any more...
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  12. Do heated grips make much of a difference? How quickly do they heat up?

    My daily ride is only about 10 minutes either way, so not really an issue there, but lloming to fill some weekends in with decent length rides which at this time of year may be of benefit.
  13. From today's check, about 60 secs, maybe a few mins to get to full heat.
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  14. I hope you used an impact rated screwdriver :blackeye::blackeye:
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  15. Might not be worth it for a short trip, but for a longer ride they are a god sent! Heat up within a minute or two, while I'm putting my helmet and gloves on, they are nice and warm. Love mine and will have them on every bike I own.
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  16. Mine heat up in about two minutes. So are worth it for short journeys.