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Oxford Heated Grips - Need some help

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, May 18, 2008.

  1. Just set about reconnecting the grips in preparation for the winter ahead. I plugged everything back in and turned them on, but all I am getting is the blue light flashing for about 3 goes and then it turns itself off. I've checked the battery and connectors and they all seem to be fine.
    Appreciate any help. Cheers.

  2. ?? is this with the engine on or off?

    You mention the blinking light, so you must be talking about the new version:
    This version has an auto cut off for low voltage, so maybe the cut off circuit is the the culprit. ????

    Just as an aside, the older version doesn't have the cut out and will drain your battery dry if it's connected directly to your battery...
  3. Thanks Rob. It's the newer version, and it does it with both when the engine is running or turned off. I've put a meter on it and it's producing around 13.5 when the bike's running. I think from memory it's supposed to cut out when the Volts drop below 13. Wish i had of kept the instructions now. :roll: :LOL:
  4. Yeah, voltage is your problem.

    I've got the same ones and had the same problem. I just created a new circuit directly from the battery with a relay using the tail light lead as the switched active (to make sure they turn off when the ignition is off).

    If you go this way make sure you use a fuse.

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks Freddy. The wiring and connectors for the grips have had a pretty hard life in the short time I've had them. I figured I might have had to rewire them anyway, but i wasn't going to bother if there was another problem with the system. They come with a fuse in +line so I'll use that one. Cheers.

    *Question* Why did you use a relay? I was planning on keeping the control switch unless it's a dud.
  6. myself -Bettery 5 amp fuse switched through a relay hooked up to the Ignition ON main power line, to a switch on the side of the bike, to the grips.
    The reason for a relay is so (in the very likely event) of forgetting to turn them off, you don't have to push start the bike.
  7. Hard wired to the battery, with a relay tapped to a smaller wire that's only energised when the ignition is on, is the best way to install the oxfords - trips the power supply automatically when you turn off the ignition... unless of course you were lucky and the factory put in a spare accessories fuse position in the fuse box. :grin:

    If your wiring has had a hard time Chef, some of those connections could be oxided up and the voltage drop might be enough to trip the control box. An alternative is to solder the connections together... do you like the look of oxfords?
  8. Thanks for that Freddy. The relay info was quite usefull & interesting. Cheers :) :)
  9. Thanks for the links and the info guys.
    The control switch that comes with the newer version is designed to turn itself off once the volts fall below 13, in the event that you leave them turned on when you leave the bike. I liked the idea that they could be turned on independently so they could be pre-warmed before a ride. With one problem, whenever you hit the starter that's enough to drop the voltage and turn the grips off. So instead of going for a ride and the grips gradually warm up along the way, they would be gradually cooling down. So I'm into the idea of wiring them into the ignition.
    Rob the grips don't look too bad, but i find them a bit chunky. I had to relearn throttle positions when i first put them on, which is no biggy. The rubber on the grips seems to be breaking down after less than twelve months, so I'm not impressed about that. I've used different cleaners on them to try and get the surface gunk off them, but to no avail. I used the cleaners after they began to shed, not vice-versa. I pulled the pins apart to route the wiring through the back of the dash to tidy up the switch block. And the connectors have been pulled apart a couple of times, which is why i think they may not be connecting properly anymore.
    Apart from a couple of small gripes, i luv em. There was one particularly shiteful morning across to Flowerdale then around to Broadford, the heated grips was the only thing that kept me sane that day. :)