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oxford chillout

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by twistngo, May 15, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if anyone was wearing these?
    Apparently they are a windproof thermal layer.
    thinking of getting some to wear under perforated leathers.

  2. They look the same as the Skins range. I wear mine when I ride and they're awesome :grin:
  3. I have the oxford balaclava, it's brilliant :)
  4. I have the old series (grey/black) of oxford chillout, works brilliant
    but didn't stretch so the fit was a bit off.
    The new series (black w/ red stitching) stretches so it should be better.
  5. sauce!!!!!!

    where to source it in melb/aus or online only?
  6. Most bike shops can order them. Not many seem to have them in stock.
    They come through Ficeda Accessories which is a major distributor of
    bike stuff in Aus.
  7. contacted bikemart and they have them in stock. haven't had a chance to get there yet.
  8. Like the neck sock and Balaclava, I have visions of going to a petrol station where they have those signs that say you should remove your helmet and taking your helmet off to obey the letter of their rules. ;)
  9. Has anyone tried 'Cold killers' by Planet-Knox?
  10. I do it all the time. Certainly makes their eyes bulge :grin:

    I wear a balaclava and a neck sock that is pulled up over my nose and mouth, all they can see is my eyes :LOL:

    What can they say?
  11. They can say, "Thank you Mr Vic, you've saved us from having to look at your face." :rofl:.
  12. HAH! :rofl: