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oxford bike clock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by benjamin78au, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. hi all has any one used the oxford bike clock?

    Hoping it stays lit up while riding , as looking at watch while suited up is annoying.

  2. Try Clockabout, they advertise on here, top quality stuff. Get the glow in the dark type.
  3. The little oxford digital clock needs to be pressed to illuminate. Then it goes back after 5 secs or so.
  4. Bit late on this but I bought one of those. It worked properly for a week or so then refused to keep the time. I took it back and it was replaced and the same thing happened with the second one. Wouldn't waste my money.
  5. I had the same issues. The foam on the back of the battery latch compresses too easily. I just folded a small square of paper up and placed it on top of the battery and closed it. Hasn't turned off since, and it's been almost 10 months and a stack!
  6. Why not just go to a junk shop, buy a cheap illuminated watch (say $10), and strap it on somewhere. Don't have to worry about thieves, when it dies you buy a new one, problem solved.
  7. Don't buy the Oxford bike clock, it is rubbish! Two major problems:

    1) You CANNOT operate the buttons with any reasonable gloves on

    2) With polorising sunglases on you can't read it

    I was extremely dissapointed with the one I had, really cheap and nasty finish.

    Now I have a Formotion Spot Clock which is so much better, easy to read even though it is small, and the quality is excellent. Of course it does not have a temp gauge which is why I bought the Oxford in the first place but that is useless anyway as you have to push a button to see it and you can't push the button with gloves on!

  8. i bought 1 it worked for acouple months and now it has a problem that whenever you push a button it just resets its clock so i gave up, useless item i say
  9. I must have been lucky, my works fine, no problems.
  10. Don't buy the Oxford, it's rubbish. The other problem, apart from the ones already mentioned, is that it is not waterproof. Once it's been in a shower of rain, the window fogs up and you can't read it any more.
  11. I'm with most here. Bought it and it kept reseting after about a week. I bought a new battery in case the one that came with it was a dud but that lasted about a month before it resets itself.

    I find the buttons are too small to press even without gloves but next to impossible with gloves.

    Mine is still in warranty but has pi$$ed me off too much to waste my time finding the receipt.