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Owning your lane

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by gegvasco, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Was a sad and scary moment this afternoon while walking through the park when I witnessed a young woman on a scooter with L's get monstered by a F$%^wit with a capital F in a Porsche 928. She was first at the lights and pulled right over into the left of her lane with the 928 behind her. When the lights changed the 928 overtook her IN her lane with WOT, missing her by about 10cm and scaring the shit out of her. As a result she got the PIOs(Pilot-induced oscillations) ie. steering wobbles, and almost stacked it in the gutter before she was able to come to a halt. I tried to spy the 928's plate but it was too far away. Being Sydney, do you reckon anyone else behind her stopped to let her back into traffic. No way. She was stuck there in the gutter getting just missed by everything from utes to government buses. She had to wait until the lights turned red before she could move off with shaking hands.

    I can relate this back to one of my first posts when I had this happen to me just after starting to ride when a knob overtook me in my lane at 100kph. You have to really own your lane and stay in the middle or right.

  2. Is a problem, the gospel according to the manual is ride in the right of the lane on a single road or the left of a lane on a dual carriageway. All fine and well in the book, problem is you leave a gap to right or left and it won't be long before some tosser in a car is sitting alongside you.

    Same goes for the 3 second safety buffer. Where possible use the centre of the lane I reckon and stuff what the book recommends.
  3. Yep, i learnt that lesson early on in similar ircumstances too. You can't give the bastards any room. If I think there might be enough room for a car to share the lane (wide back streets etc. Port Melb had lots of these intercection when I lived there) I stop with the bike angled across the lane to block it off. Hoping someone might use their brain isn't worth the risk. :)
  4. my ex is a extremely competent rider, been riding for 20 years. He rode to sydney last year.. and he says never ever again they're mad!
  5. my one and only physical altercation with another vehicle was with a lady that figured i'm too small to have a lane to myself. in fact, these were her exact words spoken to my GF after she scraped the side of my bike and nearly knocked me over: "he was in my lane". yep, thats right, i had the gall to sit in her lane. it was clearly marked so too, by being all black with white lines around it, i should have known it belonged to mrs snooty biatch that was travelling just behind me :LOL: :LOL:

    live and learn :roll:
  6. ...and there lies the problem.

    I always stop square in the middle of the lane at lights (where practical) and if I lane split to the front I pick the side with the most harmless looking car in and pull right across in front of it so they cant try to share my lane :p

    I guess the problem with a scooter is you cant take off quicker than the car behind you even if it was a horse and cart! Maybe scooters should be illegal?...oh wait we already had that thread!
  7. Traffic today in Sydney arvo was horrendous. Absolutely the worse I've ever seen it.

    The courier rider that pulled up to me at one point said it was the worst he's seen in a long time.

    First time I've ever seen cars so pissed off at it, that they actively tried to block me lanesplitting.

    Hopefully they learnt their lesson on that, I just pulled in as close as I could and let them have the dual exhaust on the monster full bore.

    Worked wonders on the bloke trying to chat on his mobile at the lights as well.
  8. Just got my L's here - and they teach you to ride in the right tyre sump on the road, but I am a little bit more to the left , pretty much directly behind the driver ahead. I haven't started lane filtering yet, so I'm stopping in the same place, and leaning over to the left to give myself more of a presence in the lane.

    Two questions for lane filtering:

    1. What do you do when you reach the start of the lane at the lights? do you put the bike at an angle so that the car ahead of you cannot sneak forward? Or do you keep it pointing down the lane in hopes of a quicker takeoff?

    2. What happens if you judge a space between two cars to be too small? do you just stop there and wait until the traffic moves off again - hoping to get back into one of the lanes (which requires the drivers to give way...) or do you do something else that I haven't thought of?

    Thanks guys! Informative thread!

  9. Some bloke tried that with me at the Chandler HWY in Fairfield.

    Turned right from Heidelberg road and the 2 lanes turn into one to go over the narrow bridge, the left lane had well and truely ended when mr tosspot decided that he wanted to be in front of that wee little 250cc, he is sporting a size 10 Alpinestars impression on his drivers door.

    First thing he said was "Sorry" I said, "I know you are" :D
  10. There are people that don't think...and there are people that are just stupid :LOL:
  11. Travelling along the left hand lane along the Eastern, pretty much in the middle as some twat was almost rear-ending me, took my eyes off him for 3 secs to watch the road ahead of me. Glanced back in mirrors realised he's not there anymore, he's on the left hand side of me. Yep. Decided he couldn't stand the speed we were going (around 105-110kph), undertook me and almost scraped me as he past. Backed off and let him go. Twats will be twats :roll:
  12. Has happened to me dozens of times on that stretch of road. Even once at 4 am (unfortunatly just after police pack up the booze bus) on my wa y back from work. its a tricky stretch and I dont have alpine stars :(
  13. 1. I say put the bike at an angle, it'll not only to block the car from sneaking forward, but it's so they can see you, make your presents known, if they don't pay attention and don't know you're there and floor it when the lights turn green, u could be in a spot of trouble. it won't take much effort to straight up, u'll still easierly leave them behind :)

    2. yeah if the gap is too small just sit back and chill, not much u can do
  14. LoL! You MUST be participating in the annual toy run 8) :LOL: :LOL:

    With regards to #2 - do you find cagers get edgy/angry if you're just sitting there?

  15. When I lane split to the lights, i pull in front of one of the cars, just past the stop line (fat white line) I always take off pretty quick, and I havent ever had a car chase me down or not see me....

    SA is pretty good when it comes to bikes and lane splitting, never had one bad moment because of it, touch wood.
  16. In regards to #1, isn't it illegal to stop past the stop line? Even if not illegal, isn't it dangerous because you could get wiped out by turning vehicles (since you're possibly in the way)?

    Went riding in peak hour traffic today (in Ipswich, so not as "peak" as Brisbane), and was sitting at several traffic lights thinking about lane filtering but didn't feel confident and didn't know what to do if and once I did get to the front, or what to do if I got stuck out halfway (no space or lights turn green etc) to so just sat back like a cager...
  17. Kaer:

    Yea.. I noticed this today too. Weird. I nearly got taken out twice in a matter of half an hour riding around greenwich. Once a young girl red P plater in a volvo talking on a mobile phone...and once by another p plater in a 4wd.

    I also had someone move up at the front of the queue to stop me splitting to the front.

    Later on in Crows Nest someone U-turned in front of me.

    I was only on the bike for maybe an hour this afternoon but people were driving like loonies. It was getting so bad I almost thought about going home and waiting until a bit later to run my errands and I was getting mad myself which couldnt help my riding.

    Im really glad you mentioned this because of all the near misses and assholes today I was convinced that my riding must have been a little off.
  18. Just lane split as far as you can go, and take advantage of the fact that your bike can take off quicker and merge into wherever u are; most cars are not out there to get u and wont give a damn if you pull infront of them coz we're so small. I've noticed taht even on the odd chance when i haven't taken a quick start, they usually just wait for you to go.
  19. I'd pull in front of the car with less acceleration than the bike that I was on. Focus on a rapid take off.
  20. Technically speaking you are runing a red light once you cross that white line but you would be battling to find someone pinged for it I reckon.

    Usually a pedestrian crossing there and people are reluctant to wipe out predestrians so fairly safe.