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Owning an older/higher mileage bike.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Thought I would share my experiences with buying a 1990 model bike with 65k kms and owning it for 18 months and 25k kms.
    So, the GTR has a reputation for anvil-like reliability, and it has certainly had that. It's stopped on me twice, both times due to a new, too restrictive fuel filter. It restarted after 5 mins. But I digress.
    What have I had to replace during that time I hear you ask? Well, I'll break it down for you. I will list normal wear items and things that have broken seperately.
    Normal wear:
    Front pads.
    One tyre each front and rear.
    Clutch friction discs ( I believe this bike used to tow a trailer, would explain the abnormal wear).
    Five oil filters.
    20 litres of oil.
    6 litres of coolant.
    1 Litre brake fluid.
    1 Air filter.
    1 battery.
    300ml 80/90wt gear oil.
    4 spark plugs.
    One pair front wheel bearings.
    Steering stem bearings.

    Replacement parts:
    Clutch star spring.
    Speedo cable.
    Reupholstered seat.
    Radiator cap.
    Generator chain( didn't really need replacing, but it rattled some).

    The reason I have posted this up is to show that if you select the type of used bike you buy carefully (as in teh bike's reputation for reliability, long model run etc) you don't end up spending thousands on parts at all, contrary to the hype spewed forth by many.
    Even though I do my own work, there is nothing on that list that would have cost you a lot of money to have replaced by a mechanic, and the normal wear items would go on any bike new or old.
    Even though the GTR is a reliable, solid bike, many bikes of this age are similar and will give similar results, if in reasonable condition to start with.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. Great post Andrew.
    I had suspected that a carefully selected older bike wouldn't cost that much more to run than a newish model costing a lot more new. Nice to have some confirmation of that. My hunt for a nice 80s/90s model bike shall continue... :grin:
  3. Gee thats nice to know. Got a 79 CB650..... :p
  4. Kwakas are built like tank! Mine is at $110,000k and the only faults are:
    - one coil ($75 from wrecker)
    - one fork oil seal

    and obviously the consumables such as oil, tyres, pads etc. I had it since 50,000k. Had never even done the shims since... hmm better do it soon!
  5. I've got 120,000km on my GTR now, bought it at 80,000. Had another one bought at 30,000 sold at 80,000. Had the same engine in a GPZ900, bought at 70,000 sold at 160,000. These engines last and last.

    Just make sure you replace the seals in the fuel tap.

    The only weak point of a GTR is that these will eventually leak, then fuel can get through past the float valve in the carb, then eventually fill up the engine with fuel while its parked. If you should then go to start the bike, CLONK the piston slams into a cylinder full of fuel. The quick and easy way to empty the engine is to then put the bike in gear (switched off) and wheel it backwards to push the fuel out of the intake valves. Inconvenient. But, one time in a hundred that it might happen you might actually bend a conrod. So replace your fuel tap seals every couple of years.

    Did you know that you can re-oil the rear shock of a GTR yourself?
    Did you know that you can de-restrict a 1995 or newer GTR for 30% more horsepower?
  6. Yep my zx9 had 17,000 on it when i bought it 2 years ago now it has 89,000 and nothing spent except normal maintanace stuff.Must be something to do with the big K :wink:
  7. My Duc.....96000kms and only had regular servicing. No hiccups at all (from the bike, anyway). An aftermarket sidestand bypass kept earthing and the Spyball alarm kept immobilising after a drenching at the GP one year.

    Just recently replaced the clutch (dry clutch so higher wear, but had about 70000kms out of that one :shock: ), front rotors and the many and varied bolts that had rattled out :LOL:

    Mind you, I bought this bike new...
  8. my ZZR1100 1994 model i just sold in england was in better condition than most bikes i looked at for sale when i got over here. it had 144,000 km on it. i had the bike from about 50,000 km. and it was serviced every year by me. and most years i did a 5000km tour or the euro alps. only time i was truk was from the battery, and that was becouse i put the wrong one in when stuck in switzerland 3 years earler.