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Owning a bike with no licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by bryce_k, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. #1 bryce_k, Sep 7, 2008
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    Hi all, ive got a mate who lost his licence (car only) about 10 months ago, he will be getting his licence back in December and he is keen to get a bike...so keen in fact that he is searching for a suitable bike now. My question is if he buys a bike now with no active licence can he legally own it i.e. register/transfer the in to his name? Also lets say he doesn’t buy a LAMS approved bike i.e. an RS250 or whatever is there some sort of check that Vicroads does that compares the bike you own versus your current licence restrictions?? Can they stop you from registering a 1000cc bike or whatever because your licence doesnt allow you to ride it? Can you simply say i bought the bike because it was a steal etc. and im just keeping it til the day i can legally ride it?

  2. AFAIK anyone can own the bike (and pay its rego) but to actually ride it you need the appropriate license - riding without a licence carriers pretty heft penalties too.

    Check with Vic Roads?

    I think its been said a number of times on the forums that buying a bike you can't (shouldn't) ride is usually not a good idea. It would have to be a very very good deal.
  3. Nothing to stop you owning something you can't legally ride, but what would be the point?

    I'm guessing if he is that "keen" it wouldn't be long before the temptation to take it for a short blat gets to be too tempting. If he is caught then he is going to lose the licence for even longer than his present down time.

    Better not to tempt fate.
  4. same as a car..u can have a porsche but if on ur p's cant drive it legaly due to the power to weight ratio. but u can still try ur luck..
  5. So, you've got a mate who's a slow learner 'eh? :roll:
  6. I've got a mate...
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. So what did happened ? why d'ya lose your licence ?? :-k
  8. Hey, on the 'losing your licence' thing, is it only in Victoria where you can get your car licence suspended , & that stops you riding bikes on the road as well?

    Or does that happen all over Australia?
  9. All states (and I think most places on Earth).

    Your license is a license (just one) to operate vehicles, and your license's endorsements says which vehicles you are allowed to operate. Car, boat, motorcycle, heavy vehicle...

    (Actually, I believe an aircraft license is totally distinct from the car/boat/truck/bike license... Though it, too, has endorsements of its own)
  10. There's no connection at present between licence and registration. In other words they can't easily map type of licence to the vehicle. It would need to be done manually for each individual.

    I've asked for stats on how many riders don't own bikes and it's not possible to get the gross numbers. We also wanted to get a handle on the "unrider" issue and asked for figures on how many bikes are registered to people who don't have locences - not available either.

    (Mind you, since those that crash without licences often don't have registered bikes it probably wouldn't be accurate)
  11. Contrary to popular belief, the gubment does NOT have it's shiznit together that much.

    The Penalty for riding without a license will, however, be harsh. Gubment can do that right.
  12. i was pretty sure a marine licence was separate to a (road) drivers licence...?

    could be wrong though.
  13. In VIC, at least, the boat license/endorsement is tied to the same license number.
  14. in NSW martime licenses operate out of RTA's

    anyways yuor allowed to own anything/register anything.
    had i motobike that was registed to my grandma once.
  15. Here is a sobering post for you and your mate..from the Ulysses Forum
    RIP Adam
    Last Sunday a friend and younger work colleague killed himself on his newly acquired motorcycle.

    He was 22.

    He bought a 600cc sports bike on Thursday.

    I thought I knew him. It is now revealed he was twice disqualified from holding a license and had never owned a motorcycle before. His motorcycle experience extended to riding other friends bikes a couple of times. I did not know this.

    He brought his bike in to work on Thursday (when he was off duty) to show us. I recall him telling me that he had pins & needles in his hands after riding it into work some 10 kilometers. I recall telling him to take it easy, to take the time to get used to his new bike (I did not know it was his first) and to be careful.

    On Sunday there was a car and bike show up Hervey’s range. I rode up in the morning and checked it out and then left.

    On the way home I waved at the many bikes going up the range as I rode down. Given the time of his accident he was one of the riders I waved at.

    He attempted to overtake a car on a corner. That corner is good for apprx 120 k’s even with the decreasing radius when there are no 4 wheels to impede your line. The corner has good visibility for at least 2/3rds so there is plenty of time & space to brake for an obstructing vehicle/s.

    Today I visited the scene. It is apparent to me the car he tried to overtake was near the apex of the corner and at some speed as he overtook it he simply ran out of road and rode straight into the Armco. He has left a distinct 8 – 10 inch sharp crease in the middle of an 8 foot length of Armco such was the impact. The rock wall on the other side is only apprx 5 foot away from the steel ‘safety’ fence.

    He never had a chance.

    His first motorcycle accident was his last.

    His lack of road craft and experience was a death sentence. Once sentenced by his immaturity & inexperience He only lasted three days.

    All the laws in this land didn’t stop this waste of a potentially brilliant life.

    All the advanced rider training schemes didn’t stop this waste of a potentially brilliant life.

    All the opportunities to access track days didn’t stop this waste of a potentially brilliant life.

    As I write this I am vividly revisiting those few short moments I had with him in the car-park last Thursday as we stood over his new motorcycle. I recall later that evening feeling unease at what I felt to be his nervousness with his bike even though it was in the car park, on the side stand, and not even running.

    For God’s sake his flashy MotoGP replica leather jacket wasn’t even a good & comfortable fit but He had been ‘talked’ into it by a Motorcycle Shop Salesman.

    This carnage has to stop.

    It must stop.


  16. I am sorry for his family and friends, but here are the sad facts.

    Roughly 25% of fatals are "unriders". If you remove those figures from "our" figures, we are on par with other vehicles. So to all those who choose to ride without a licence, I say fark off and drive a car because you are threatening my way of life.
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