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Owners Manual for a 1994 Yamaha SRV250 (not renaissa)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Roybot, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Been looking for a owners manual for my bike, don't s'pose anyone has one or knows someone who does? I have the shop manual on in PDF if anyone wants a copy of that.

  2. If you only want an owners manual, that can be got from the Yamaha website:


    If you have a workshop manual, could i get a copy? Ive got a Renaissa, but getting info on any year SRV is impossible
  3. will give that a shot... no worries, PM me your email and i'll send through the pdf
  4. I have the owners manual in PDF. PM me your e-mail and I'll send it through if you'll send me the shop manual!

    I recently picked myself up a 1995 SRV. Few things need doing though and the shop manual would me mighty handy!
  5. Awesome, send me your email address (I cant initiate PMs yet) and i'll send it through tonight.
  6. I can't pm yet either!
  7. Sorry mate, didn't even think to look, what's your email? Will send link through.
  8. I've set my e-mail address to be displayed, so you should be able to see it now.
  9. Hi Roybot,

    I saw your other thread about the SRV250's, and figured I should search for any other new ones I'd missed. Bloody lucky I did, too!

    As has been said above, I've got a copy of the Owner's manual (physical version and electronic version as available from the Yamaha website), but have searched high and low for an electronic workshop manual.

    Any chance I could get my mittens on a copy? I know it's been offered already, but if you still haven't attained it, I'd be happy to send the owner's manual (or re-scan sections of mine so you only have certain bits that you want).

    Checked out the photo of your ride in your profile - mine's the same colour. They look a treat early evening when they're freshly polished! Wish it looked like that more often... :grin:

  10. Thanks mate - got your PM but haven't racked up enough posts to reply via one!

    I'll keep you in mind when I come across any mod ideas.