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Owners Manual for 1988 Honda Spada

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by hookiens, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone.
    I'm needing some help....I am a new rider (got my bike 2 days ago - Orange Spada) but it did not come with a owners manual.
    I've searched the web everywhere but can only locate service manuals...
    If anyone has or knows where i would be able to find a owners manual (even a scanned version) that would be a great help.
    The bike is a 1988 Honda vt250 Spada.
    Thanks in advance!

    Ps. I know this is only my second post but i promise I've been reading the Netrider forums for the last 6 months and am keen to contribute.
  2. Unless you can find an english version on the net, they'll most likely all be in Japanese.

    Google is your friend
  3. What do you need it for? The go-tube is on the right.
  4. :rofl:
  5. I'll scan and PDF mine this week if you're stuck...let me know.
  6. Hey lightcycle that would be great. I've had another search and am still unable to locate one. Cheers!
  7. Seriously, what do you need it for? You should be able to find the service schedule on the web, and the rest of the book is usually bollocks like "how to get your seat off" and stuff like that. Unless you're looking for a workshop manual that tells you how to take the thing apart and put it together...
  8. I remember when I was a new rider.

    I read everything I could lay my hands on because I wanted to do it right.

    My first owners manual taught me the rudiments of servicing, my second helped me keep my 250 Honda for 3 years and 70,000 km.

    Go for it!! :)


    Trevor G (who encourages everyone to read the manual ;-)
  9. I have something. I own a Spada too.
  10. The man obviously is proud of his new toy, he wants all documentation, he wants to know everything about it. This is passion, it is part of being a rider. Good on him for wanting to get this. I also remember buying my first bike, i read the manual through about 10 times, looked up on the net about it, any info i got was received with much excitement. This is a motorcycle forum, he has come to the right place to find info.
    Loz, release your inner noob, try to remember when it was all new, before you discovered everyone out on the road was out to get you :wink:
  11. Hey Faramir i can't PM yet sorry. I know i can't post my email but its my user name at hotmail. Hopefully this doesn't get delete! Thanks
    And cheers to Menion....i'm still trying to learn all the basic, etc. so the owners manual would be a great help for this.
  12. Email sent. I can't remember if hte PDF files were in Japanese or English. Let me know how it goes.