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Own your own motorcycle shop!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Johnny O, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Have you always wanted to own your own motorcycle shop but didn't think you knew enough about the industry to have a go, well here's your chance.

    I have worked in the industry (and raced in the sport) for over 30 years, I have experience in all facits of the motorcycle trade and I am available to help run the show for you.

    I am honest, hard working and conscientious (and not to mention 'fun to be around' :wink: )

    If you want to run/own an exceptionally well run organization, it's easier than you think, and may not cost as much as you might think...... talk to me.


  2. if i had the money........................
  3. Talk to me brother O ;)
  4. We shall talk :)
  5. I'd been thinking of buying a house and settling into a mortgage of boredom. You've squashed all my mother's dreams now so I think I'd better to hear your idea John. :)

    Is this a case of set up shop or buy an established business? Is their an unfilled market you had in mind or something that's come up and worth a look? :)
  6. May be interested meself......

    I know a wee bit about business matters..... $$ is the problem.
  7. PM sent........
  8. migth be worth a looky see.

    not that i know a lot though.
  9. Not me Johnny O I am in the comfortable rutt of a middle class wage. :grin: But let us know when it is running and will look at spending some of my boring wage slave earnings there! :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Hey thanks guy's, I am overwhelmed over the number of PM's I have received on this matter. Many of the questions were much the same so I'll elaborate a little more here.....

    I do not have any money to start my own bike shop, over my years of working in the industry, I have seen, behind the scenes, the way many shops operate and feel that there is room for improvement, hence I feel I have some knowledge that could help build quite a well-run and profitable business.

    I do not have any particular shop in mind to buy, I think it is better value to start the shop from scratch unless a current shop (that has the right potential) can be bought for a bargain price.

    I have a few area's in mind that would guarantee an abundace of patronage with minimal competition from other bike shops in the immediate area. But that being said, I feel it is important, for a motorcycle shop to succeed, that it be situated with one or two other shops (even better if they aren't run properly :wink: )

    From the interest already, maybe a couple of investors might be viable, I think the next step is for a business plan to be drafted for all to have confidence in the project and take further steps.

    Besides not having the money, I do not feel that I excel in area's of administration, I imagine someone that has money might well do :)

    Pending the size of the project that one would like to start with, I feel an outlay from $40k to $3 Mil would be required, keeping in mind that that same size 'empire' is achievable, it will just take a little longer starting with a smaller outlay.

    I think there are a number of people out there (obvious from all my PM's) that would like to own and/or work in a shop, I think it would eliminate a few hurdles to go in with some experience combined with anothers business prowess.

    Just planting the seed here, it is more likely for a dream to come true if you act.

    Regards, John
  11. It would be great to see a few people band together and open up a new independant shop. If this shop was opened up by people who have never worked in the industry but are enthusiasts it would not be hard to succeed. A shop that offered just good honest service and respect for every customer that walked through the door would be a winner. I work in a new car dealership that opened up last year in march and since we have been open we have been number 1 in the country for customer satisfaction every month. the last report we received was for aprill and our score was 92.8% customer satisfaction. How do we achive these scores? Plain honest service with no B.S.

    I wish I was in the financial position to open a bike shop but I am not.

    If this plan goes ahead I wish you all good luck and I hope you blow the other jerks that own bike shops out of the water
  12. A business plan is a good idea. Who's preparing it?
    What area would you look at for the shop?

    Just an idea. Take every negative posting from the "I wont deal with <insert name>" threads and make these the I WON'T run a business this way rules!

    (i) Tell the truth;
    (ii) Admit mistakes;
    (iii) Tell the truth;
    (iv) Actually give a flying about customers;
    (v) Carry good quality stock, NO crap.... etc...
  13. +1

    id shop at this shop
  14. Thanks for the confidence vote. I suspect a LOT of people would. It's merely applying common sense (and the old fashioned customer care principals) and not just the "we care about customers" lip service B/S that several large dealers talk.
  15. I'm assuming you would be available for some "customer care" tips? Valuable resource here Johnny! :p
  16. Both you & Rosie should have a chat.
  17. Beat me to it Simone! :)
    I actually had thought about this, but this idea is Johhnys. I'm just offering some spurious advice.
  18. Hi Johnny, I have given this some thought and if we look at the changing social world we see a major emergence of virtual communities. People are looking to belong to "something" and this could be used as an idea for your venture. If you build just another bike shop well it will just be another bike shop, good one probably but still a bike shop.

    Some friends of mine told me about a mountain bike store in LA. In this store they had an environment where you could go and sit on a couch and bullshit along with everyone else there whilst having a $4 latte. What ended up happening was that the local clubs started to ask if they could have thier monthly and ad hoc meetings in the store. It was all decked out in corrugated iron and had a library of books that could be borrowed with a deposit. people came into this store to be a part of the MTB community and of course ending up spending money :grin: So a bit like the Starbucks mentality of the outside loungeroom.

    They also had a similair idea to Harvey Norman in that they would rent out a certain amount of space to various non directly competing companies to sell or show their wares, this saves on having to carry stock and reduces risk for adverising as evryone pays their little bit. A company like Streetfighter for example could get a physical presence without a lot of the risks of setting up themselves. One of the issues in buying online is where do I go for service or advice, the shop could function as an outlet for on line stores. You could even rent out the coffee shop to an experienced cafe owner.

    Oh and the first person to rent space could be Rosie! mmmmm girls in leather.

    As time progressed you could even start to brand some of your own supplies, jackets etc etc.
    I think that building a community around a store with links back into the netrider/ullyses/etc networks would be great.

    Hope this helps :grin: :grin:
  19. All the car dealerships have been putting in cafes into their yards.

    I htink hte idea of a cafe within a bike shop has wonderful merit and my wife & I are looking to buy/setup a cafe at the moment.
  20. Yeah that's the idea and then extend it to make it a gathering place. :cool: