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Own up. Who was running from the cops last night???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by disk_1, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Im going to get flamed, the thread is going to get flamed but anywayz.

    Just parked my 636 on swanston

    10pm Saturday 2/2/08 (yesterday)
    CNR of Swanston and Collins
    Current spec R6- red and white paint work

    Witnessed a pretty average wheelie of said vehicle at sub 50km/h about 200-300 away down collins. Then the dreaded flashing red and blue lights and siren.... rider having seen the lights rather sedately rides up the middle 'tram only' section followed/chased by cops. Pulls up at the red light, lets the pedestrians cross, checks for all cars, checks for more pedestrians, waits, and then 'carefully' as one could, runs the red.

    now this next bit is purely a dream i had afterwards, and, in no way actually occurred. i have a killer imagination see! DREAM... DID NOT HAPPEN! If you read this, you agree that its a dream

    Exert from dream.
    I fell/tripped whilst crossing on the green man and stumbled in front of the police vehicles exit from said tram tracks, and, kinda writhed 'in pain' on the ground for a few moments to aid the riders getaway.... Should i be ashamed of this dream? I think not... I think my subconscious doesn't like these hoon laws.

    let the flaming begin!

    but my question remains.... who was the rider??? Let me know about your dream mate... was the wheelie the only thing you did in your dream?

    catch guys :p

  2. You made us proud :woot:

    In your dream, did the police say anything to you for tripping over at such an inconvenient time?
  3. It was me. Thanks for holding up the fuzz.
  4. Wasn't me, my dream involves a BBQ.
  5. LoL. No flames from me.
  6. Is your dream ankle better now?
  7. Wasn't me either; my dreams usually involve jam do-nuts....
  8. Hopefully the bike in your dream hadn't just been stolen.
  9. hope fully ur not one of does idiots assuming everybike doing a wheelie is stolen and shoud be pulled over

    Its a nice dream, i reckon id have a simmilar one
  10. No, just assuming that anyone running from the cops when there's a chance they've seen the plate either can't be traced to that plate, or is an idiot.

    Edit: The only assumption I make about people doing wheelies in areas high in traffic and pedestrians is they have a tiny penis and want attention. :LOL:.
  11. :applause: :applause:
  12. Thinking back to that dream....

    I still had all my gear on (bar helmet attached to bike) so it was a miracle i didnt have a scratch on me :) . Fictional elbow pads worked well

    The completely fictional police did fictionally honk, and fictionally yell rather firmly at me to 'get out of the way!', but, I was in too much fictional 'pain' to notice. My fictional attempts at impeding the fictional fuzz was only short lived. They fictionally squeezed past me within 5 seconds.

    There was no fictional consequences for my actions.... I fictionally would have protested that i 'stubbed my toe on the tram tracks... these damn solid heeled shoes are cr*p to walk in'


    I proceeded to meet my date for a quick catch up and drink, and, we had wild passionate amazingly awesome sex all night long.... oh, wait... hmm, im getting confused

  13. looking after a brother rider, nothing wrong with that.
  14. hey tommo i think it was fraser on the r6 last night... :p
  15. AHAHA... no way!

    PM sent
  16. Looks like the bike wasn't stolen

    It gets ridden like it has been though :p

    Anybody else got some cool 'dreams' they want to tell us about??? :)
  17. My hand tends to get numb quite a bit when i get nervous, especially crossing roads, in front of cops. I tend to drop things, then it takes a while to pick them up with said numb hand, i do try to say sorry, but, they seem to be in a hurry, and not keen on a chat :cry: Yes, i also then wake up, from my dream, my hand is indeed numb. My wife has rolled on it :shock:
  18. nope not me, I was away on holiday and I dont have a new one :cry:
  19. LOL funny story :LOL:
  20. you are welcome to ride with me any time dude. i'll watch your six and you watch mine. :cool: