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Own a Cat? Give it a bath.... Eek

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. And I though they only bugged my alergies...

  2. I must let my wife know about this.

    Yet another reason not have a cat.
  3. bah humbug...
    better not own a bird/fish/dog/horse/anything while your at it.

    cats are great :)
  4. Agree. Cats are awesome. My cat actually likes water believe it or not. It will curl up in the bathroom sink and wait for you to turn the tap on. As soon as the water starts flowing it simply just lays there and drinks the water as it's pouring all over him. If you turn the tap on high he isn't too keen on it but otherwise will just lay there. Similar thing goes for the bath.

    I will link to a video of it when I get home from work. ;)
  5. ..I still have the scar from giving my old (now departed) cat a bath from approx 16 years ago!!.... 8-[
  6. You don't own a cat, the cat owns you.
  7. Dogs have masters, cats have servants!

    I remember vividly the experience we had bathing one of our cats :shock: He was a big black bugger who was normally placid but bathing him changed his demeanor somewhat and required two people and a particular technique. In short, I would grab his front paws in one hand, rears in the other hand and swing him to and fro under the mixer tap, enter my wife with the shampoo before giving him another trip under the tap, all the while retaining my hold him.
    The only real reward for suffering the numerous bites and their itchy torment (I'm allergic to cats) was seeing the sook skulk off doing the wet-paw walk :LOL:
  8. Note that the disease has been found in dog fleas too, and I've come across a lot more dogs (and dog owners) with fleas than I have cats.

    Having five of the little buggers, I'm confident I'd be a lot more likely to die from a broken neck after tripping over one of them in the dark than I am to contract something transmissible from them :D.
  9. Ergh... Washing a cat... Been there, done that, never again...
  10. A flat cat is a good cat
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    I've only given my cat 1 bath (actually, it was a shower). That was because she thought wet paint would be fun to rub against. [url="]Think the cat from Pepe le Pew[/url], skip to 2:59.