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Owen Truss Truck driver just tried to kill me

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by silverco, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. How long is Australia going to accept this bullying but truck drivers?

    About 10am I was pulling off Kings way onto the Westgate, did a mirror check and ALL I could see in my mirrors was the front of a Truck!!!!! turned and looked to get raving from the Truckie, tapped the rear brake and he slowed. So I continued over the new section of over pass towards the Westgate. by the time I was on the flat nearing the service centres, the same thing right up my arse and even closer. once again tap the rear brake and he after me, I was doing 85 - 90 and still kept coming right on my tail ( actually inches from my Top box)

    Was very scary. Rang Owen's but he will still be on the roads tomorrow, I quess.

    I followed him on the freeway until werribee and he was 10-15 feet of a white Suzuki Swift at 100k's most of the way.

    This guy needs a desk job or even a prison cell as he essentially pointed a gun at my head.

    Will report him to the cops but on past experiences they will do SFA

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  2. Yes, shit situation. What did you do to control it? Apart from probably aggravate the truckie by 'brake checking' him?
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  3. Ring the guy on the radio. That worked last time.
  4. I was on the LH lane of the Princes the other day doing 100 and got flashed by a truckie behind me because some numpty was doing 99 in the centre lane. fortunately I was in a work car so I just moved the mirror so I couldn't see him any more :)
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  5. after the first bit I put 1/2 a k between us, but that wasn't enough, after he came back again tried to ride away but was almost doing 100 and he was still right there.

    BTW: why is it not ok to flash your brake lights at a tailgater in Oz? It should be " o, yes I'm a bit close.... I'll back off. Not "@$%^%@#!$^^$@#^$%&%^&(*&*)(&*)_"

    just letting them do it is perpetuating the situation, god knows the cops wont do anything
  6. Agreed. Since when is it considered that YOU are being a **** if you flash your brakes lights, obviously telling the person behind you that they are too bloody close and you are extremely uncomfortable.

    When I'm in the car I can tell you I do more than fcuking flash the lights. I don't give a shit about the arse of my car. We'll see how much of a hurry you'll be in when you are missing the front of yours.
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  7. I hate tailgaters, but trucks are the worst!! This has happened so many times to me.

    I have never tried this, but what if you wave your arm or give em the finger? Lol
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  8. Dunno if I'm game enough to brake check someone at 80k on a bike. I have turned around and done like a brushing motion with my hand, this has worked every time.

    BTW, what lane were you and the Suzuki in?
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  9. I'll do a couple quick flashes of the break light with an arm motion to back off. If that doesn't work, i'll just get out of the way.

    Truck vs you. Truck wins 100%.
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  10. A Bully is a bully and no Quarter should every be given to them, at heart they are gutless anyway. I'll drop to a gear like 3rd and hold a few revs on while I do it. then if they are a psyco, I have an out. Today I needed it!!!

    Turning off kings way in the second from left lane, then at the service centre the left lane, and the Suzi was in the second right lane...... however, what difference does it make. This culture of "might is Right " on Melbourne roads needs to be dealt with, 12 yrs ago Melbourne was a pleasure to drive in, now it's a shithole.
  11. For about as long as Australia is going to accept this sort of bullying by car drivers.

    Cool, and be sure that you let us know when you meet up with that driver that is a psyco or just isn't paying attention and they run over you.

    Personally, on the road, I'd much rather be wrong and alive than right and dead.

    Surely you would have been better off, pulling over, letting him passed then getting on with you life with no stress.
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  12. So what your saying is that the truck wins anyway and heads off to bully someone else.

    there has to be a consequence either real or perceived or this will continue and more people will die, crushed under a truck that couldn't stop. This is not the practice in 'Merica, they are very polite on the roads....... but they also carry guns.... in NZ this behavior would result in getting a kicking at the next stop, so not a problem there either.

    WAKE UP if you let these "Truckies" away with it, then they will never stop.
  13. I haven't tried...mainly because I don't have a video recorder. Once I get 2 cameras sorted (helmet and one facing rear) I'll flip the bird and see what happens. If that doesn't help, I'll see what happens if I do the "I'll slit your throat" gesture...but that might be pushing it and you may not hear from me ever again.

  14. in the first instance I had no where to go, traffic to the left and right and in front.

    So, what do you do then?
  15. How long have you been riding in Straylia for?
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  16. Deal with it until you can find a gap to pull over and let him through.

    And what are you going to do when you get run over/hit from behind? OK, the driver may get charged with any number of offences, but you may well be dead. Good luck with that.

    You slowing down just frustrates them further and puts YOU at greater risk.
  17. So hang on ... let me get this straight. A truck driver (probably high on meth, given aggressiveness) was tailgating you on your bike, and your response is to flash your brake lights at him? Fairly certain that if he hits you you're in the right. Fairly certain you'll also be dead. 300kg bike and rider versus 5,000kg truck. Laws of physics do not accumulate heavily in your favour.

    If you were happy to do 80 - 90 and he wanted to do 100, let him. The way I see it; If he's in front of you, the cops will LIDAR him first and then you can keep on speeding on your merry way. I always use speeding trucks as speeding fine repellant.

    Stress less, live more, be happy :)
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  18. Slow down. Pretend to fiddle with the choke or something. Make like the bike has lost power and is about to break down at any moment.
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  19. Yes there does, but it's not safe for you to provide that consequence at the time - that's what everyone is telling you. The driver is demonstrating poor judgement and a lack of empathy already, exacerbating the situation at that point for the purpose of social engineering is fruitless and dangerous.

    Do like someone said above and ring radio dude, put some bad PR pressure on the company :)
  20. So you think it's clever to act as though your hunk of shit is about to break down? That'd piss me off even more thinking about why your hunk of shit shouldn't be on the road and why you haven't pulled off the road yet.
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