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Overwhelming response

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by red.hot, May 1, 2007.

  1. I just wanted to exclaim a big "wow" to the overwhelming response I have received since joining your forum yesterday. Overnight I have gone from knowing no one in Adelaide with a bike to more invites than I can recall to go riding with people around the area.
    A big thanks to everyone for making us newbies feel so welcome and keep up the good work with the Forums!
    (I can see my Honours project receiving less and less attention now that I'm on Netrider :/)
    See you soon on the road, or in the coffee lounge!

  2. Hey, don't you neglect that Honours Project, and then blame Netrider for the results. Netrider will not be held responsible for marriage breakdowns, marital feuds, alienation of mates or failed University projects. Use at your own risk :LOL:. {Look what's happened to me :blah: :-w .}

    And, yeah, it IS the friendly forum :).
  3. oh dear, you've almost scared me off again....
  4. ahh, you always need an excuse to not study......

    welcome from me if i haven't already..

  5. Yeah, it's a great forum for connecting riders Red :grin:

    Good to hear you will have riding buddies in the near future :cool:

    Now as a parent I am telling you not to neglect your studies. We will all still be here when you are done :grin:
  6. Forget the study, just don't neglect the pubcrawls!! fkn awesome time to be had at uni :grin:
  7. Hiya red.hot and welcome to NetRider ... I was the one who PM'd ya over on the other forum telling ya about this place.

    Hope you have a ball here .. they're great folks here .. well except for ... @%(*%(!% ... and .... *(%(!#%# .... :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah .. only jokin' ... am glad ya made ya way over here and I hope ya catch up with a heap of the Adelaide folks and get out on heaps of rides ...


  8. Glad you're enjoying your new-found circle of friends, Red Hot :grin:

    Multiple personalities, Birdrock? :wink:
  9. It's amazing how many people you can quickly meet on netrider.

    Some of them arent even psychopathic human flesh eating freaks.
  10. Yeah I know .. I know ...

    1st is real name .. 2nd is the nick I've used in chat over the last 10 years .. 3rd is the more recent general nick.

    Ferret was the nick I had many years ago in bike club circles, (ie: if anyone wanted/needed anything, I was the one they came to, to "ferret" out the hard to find bits for 'em, mainly coz I had so many "contacts").

    Recently went back to a club I'd been a member of 25 years ago and as soon as I walked in the door a coupla guys said "Welcome back Ferret, where the hell have ya been?" .. so .. figured I may as well revert to it everywhere. Only recently joined the "other forum" I spoke of under the nick of "Ferret", whereas I've been here since 2004 :shock:
  11. G'day red.hot
    Glad you found your way :)
    Remember this :)

    "Now this is just an idea but maybe if you go to the Welcome page and introduce yourself just as you did here you will be surprised how much response you will get when they read that you are looking for riders near you,tell them what area you live and see what happens "

    Told ya so :p

    See ya out there soon
  12. welcome...

    and yes..

    we do welcome our own quite openly.

    specially SA peeps.. good to have ya on baord mate :)
  13. Speak for yourself!

    Oh hang on, wait....you were.

    Some of us are proud of ourselves though! :eek:hno:

    Yeah its great to see you here!
    And such a Huge support here in SA for [​IMG] is fan-bloody-tabulous!
  14. what!!!!!!!

    there's a normal person out there on netrider somewhere????????

  15. bull dust if you ask me!

    Oh g'day
  16. good to see another red head on here too :)

    look forward to riding with ya soon :)
  17. Had I put a photo up?!
    See ya soon.
  18. Oh the LJ.