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Overtaking stationary single lane traffic?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cossie, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Quick question...

    The road in question is Thompsons road from Cranbourne to Carrum for those who are local.

    Single lane traffic but the road is pretty wide and there is a solid line on the left with plenty of room to ride down (to the left of the line), It's like an emergency lane but not wide enough for a car and no debris or crap lying on it.

    The traffic is queued solid so do you overtake normally and keep having to pull in alongside cars as there is a constant flow of cars coming towards you, or ride down the left where there is loads of room?

    Also if you go for the overtaking option, do you always obey the solid white line which appears close to traffic lights/roundabouts or just keep overtaking and hope theres no cops around?

  2. Don't know the actual road but from your fairly detailed description, I think (if it was me) I would be taking the easy option and going down the LH side. Even though it's not Emergency lane or bike lane, you CAN be pinged for this by the coppers, so don't do it near any marked patrol cars, but it still seems safer than the RH side, especially if it's a double solid line on the centre.
    It goes without saying that if this is a build up area, be extra careful of pedestrians and especially kids who may be around.
  3. I wouldn't ride down the left of the traffic along there. Being stuck in between cars and an armco railing isn't my idea of fun. :?

    If I was unfortunate enough to have to ride down there during peak times, I'd be overtaking to the right of the line of traffic (as per a normal overtaking procedure). The traffic heading the other way is normally much lighter than the traffic you're stuck in.

    I would (in general) obey the solid lines. By that stage you're only 3-4 cars back from the intersection/roundabout, and I can handle being in the traffic flow for that long.

    Oh, and if you see a black landcruiser sitting in the traffic there tomorrow, toot on your way past.. :grin:

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  4. I don't think you can overtake on the left in the same lane?? Can anyone confirm?
  5. Call me crazy but I overtake anywhere (obviously not blind corners), as long as its safe to do so.
  6. I never normally go that way... I usually go sth gippy hwy, greens road, Nepean hwy so I can lanesplit the whole way. However being school hols I used thompsons road today.

    If you know the road, from the vetinarary joint to the BP servo I rode down the left of the traffic, and after the next small roundabout to the large roundabout shortly after it I overtook on the right and just dodged the oncoming cars (there aren't many and its a wide road). Either way I reckon if I passed a cop car I'd get dicked, albeit more for riding down the left.
  7. I'll overtake absolutely anywhere too (within reason), my only concern is the cops as I'm running out of points and I commute 70km's round trip every day so its only a matter of time before its public transport time (again) if I'm not careful. :oops:
  8. You're talking about the Cranny side of the Westernport Hwy? If you are, I don't go down there at all, so I can't give you an opinion.

    I was specifically talking about the Westernport Hwy -> Dandy Frankston Rd section.
  9. Yeah, its mainly the Cranny side (although traffic is just crazy on thompsons in general, think I'll go back to my normal route tomorrow)
  10. I always go for the quickest option, be-it right or left side/lane/footpath/kids bike.
  11. Yes you can, provided the person in front is turning right. If they appear to be going straight through then no.
  12. "They had their blinker on officer, I swear!"
  13. yep with ya on that one, I know the road and yep I would do it. Not sying i have of course :wink:
  14. Your CRAZY!!!!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: