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Overtaking on the same lane?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cash, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Was riding home on Eastern after work.... caught me by surprise... saw a bigger in the mirror but he overtook me on the same lane that I was in but on the other wheeltrack... Is that a right thing to do? I find that a bit dangerous tho..

  2. Yes thats a std bike o/taking another bike manouver.
    But I know there is others on here that will dissagree with me all the way to hell and back.

  3. I'd agree with you vtrbob allthe way to hell , but I'm worried they wont let me back if I go there :LOL:

    But cash , why dangerous ? You knew he was there . Even if you didn't you wouldn't just move across in your lane without a check surely ?
  4. this happened on the newcastle-sydney freeway the other weekend...i found it a bit enclosing, but i gave space and i was cool with it. id expect the same space given if i came up behind an L plater on the freeway (i was doing 100) and i was on my full licence

    thats how i see it. its not legal though is it...
  5. Someone overtook me in my lane on the weekend, on the left of me while I had a pillion, both of us in excess of 120km/h. I didn't see him until he was going past - had I swerved for a pothole or something it would have been all over.
  6. K8, exactly what Judge Geoffrey said... if I move to the other wheel track for a pothole or something.. then it's all over.. assuming I don't see him from the back and assuming there are potholes on the freeway .. LOL! :LOL:

    If that's the standard way for bikes overtaking.. I am cool with that, have to admit this is the first time it happen to me.. other riders either overtook me from another lane or follow behind..
  7. I asked a highway patrol copper the other week, and she said its like J walking. It is illegal, but its very unlikely you'd get booked for it.
  8. It's bad enough that you can't trust cars to give you appropriate space on the road but I shouldn't have to watch out for other bikes encroaching on my space. All the safety doctrine talks about keeping a safety buffer around you. Buffer = reaction time/space. If you ride through someone else's buffer then you are reducing their ability to avoid danger eg. swerving for a car pulling out.

    As far as I'm concerned, I don't care what you are driving/riding - stay the hell out of my lane. Because that's what it is. It is MY lane. I will consider you an asshole if you start taking liberties with my safety space. If you are behind me I will know you are there and when it is safe to pass, I will move over, indicate for you to pass and if required slow down to help you get through. That is being a considerate road user. Anyone trying to get past should also be considerate and not take what isn't theirs.
  9. thanks matchstick01

    and remind me to stay out of gegvasco's lane please ... i reckon you've got a better chance in numbers being seen by a car rather than by yourself. thats why i didnt mind. he was traveling a fair bit quicker than me so it was all over in a matter of seconds, sure a lot of things can happen in a few seconds but its all good. personal preference
  10. Personally i consider it the same a splitting. So if you dont like it then dont do it to others. We cant have it both ways guys, if you want to be respected on a bike then behave in a manner that you would want to be treated in.
  11. The absolute reality is , riders will pass in the same lane. Never mind the freeway , if you ride the spurs on any day, especially the w/e you'll be passed , like it or not. Its a fact of life.
    Saying its not right is meaningless . Pretending it wont happen because its illegal is silly. If I had left 2 minutes earlier this morning I would have been cleaned up by that roo.

    What ifs and whatevers, its going to happen so be aware.
  12. The lanes on the Eastern are pretty wide. Any obstacle there big enough to cause an issue would already have had the car in front of you in a burning heap on the road. If he passed with two wheels on the ground I can't see a real issue there. The visibility is usually enough to see what's ahead of the bike in front.

    Politeness suggests changing lanes is prefered but on that road, sharing is no biggy. And yes, it is very clearly spelled out as legal in Victorian road law. Everyone's got different ideas of when and where it should happen so this thread will likely become a scrag fight, but generally if people use their head and a certain degree of patience then a safe overtake is very achievable in most situations.

    Personaly, I see doing it on any corner as stupid because you never know what line people will take and it should only happen when the slower rider signals to let you past just so everyone knows the score at the time. :)
  13. Well I only lane split when the cars are motionless or moving no faster than 10km/h, if another bike passed me under those circumstances I'd have no problem.

    It's when they do it at high speeds, something I'd never do to another car or bike, that it is really dangerous.
  14. It is absolutely legal. In fact, two bikes can ride abreast in one lane, and a third bike can legally overtake them BOTH inside the same lane. There's no grey area there:

    Australian Road Rules

    151 Riding a motor bike or bicycle alongside more than 1 other rider

    (1) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle must not ride on a road that is not a multi-lane road alongside more than 1 other rider, unless subrule (3) applies to the rider.

    (2) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle must not ride in a marked lane alongside more than 1 other rider in the marked lane, unless subrule (3) applies to the rider.

    (3) The rider of a motor bike or bicycle may ride alongside more than 1 other rider if the rider is: (a) overtaking the other riders; or (b) permitted to do so under another law of this jurisdiction.
  15. I don't mind sharing, but I'd prefer they change lanes if there's space. I've overtaken in the same lane, but only when it's bumper to bumper, or as part of a big group ride. As a relatively new rider I know how un-nerving it can be to have your wobble space suddenly taken away!
  17. Jon and Ponch laneshared everywhere on really fat bikes and never had a problem.
  18. True, you can't argue with that. But they were, er, good buddies.
  20. He was behind you, you knew he was there, and you stayed in the left hand wheel track..... That's THE invitation right there... (once he knew you had seen him)

    Courtesy works both ways.....

    You knew he was there and going faster than you ....... move over/wave him through.

    Funny though.... the distance between wheel tracks would be greater than most riders give cars when overtaking them, and definately less than when you lane split......

    and for those who want to KEEP the lane to themselves... buy yourself a grandad bike and ride in the middle of the lane...that way we will all know your a driver masquarading as a rider and will give you a very wide berth.