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Overtaking Motorbikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Matchstick01, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,
    This afternoon i was riding home along cantabury rd. some guy on a motorbike overtook me in my lane. I had no idea he was comin, just all of a sudden he was beside me then past me. Scared the crap outta me at first. I didn't really mind that much, if theres room there i dun mind him takin it. But i thought it sempt a lil stupid, cos, i thaught i had the whole lane n coulda moved over at any time as he was comin past. Just wanted to know your opinions on it. Is it normal? I've only been riding for 2 weeks so i don't know these things.

  2. That is unfortunately more common than it should be.

    Always keep looking in your mirrors so you can see whats going on.

    this is the first of what will become many many incidents on the road. i really hope they are limited.
  3. haha I have no real advice. But it happens to me all the time on the monash freeway. Dudes on bikes rush pass me in the same lane, going like mach 4. Scared the crap out of me at first now I try to keep checking my mirrors.

    Nothing you can really do about it apart from get out of their way otherwise they will take you down with them.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if someone did it to me or I did it back,
    I usually keep an eye out for single headlights in my mirrors. If someone's there then no sudden lane changes is the order of the day.

    If there is room in another lane though, I'd use that first.
  5. The general idea is that you should be hyper aware of your surroundings on a bike, even the traffic behind you. If you didn't see him then mistakes happen, but don't be suprised when someone buzzes past.
    Overtaking in the same lane is just another one of those things that riders do and everyone argues over. Some poeple will do it only after being assured that the risks are minimal, others will just go for it.
    BE AWARE!!
  6. Makes you think. If YOU didn't see him coming, why would a car?
  7. I would, if it was an emergency to ensure my safety, perhaps even my sanity (50cc scooters)
  8. I came up behind a guy on his Ls the other day and he got reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal nervous. First he moved to the far right of his lane, then the far left and he kept doing head checks and wandering all over the place.

    I backed off and gave him some space...
  9. It's perfectly normal and perfectly legal. As long as it's not through a corner it's also generaly quite safe. :)

    If I were in your position I would be asking myself why I didn't know he was comming. :wink: :)
  10. i think its stupid to overtake a biker in his lane. what if they dont see you when ur about to overtake them and then u crash into him.
  11. Maybe because the 2fiddy sports mirrors aren't the greatest things in the world.
    Maybe because he's been riding for two weeks and has been taught keep your head up and look where you want to go.
    Maybe because Captain Fantastic on the other bike dived out from behind another vehicle to do the overtake.

    Matchstick - I give you the benefit of the doubt.
    Anyone who overtakes an L plater like that is a plain and simple cock.

    If you want to overtake an L/P plater in their lane, come up, make sure they see you - flash, toot the horn, whatever you've got to do. Make sure they know you're there and everyone knows what IS happening and what is GOING to happen: and then overtake.

    'Buzzing the tower' is for pricks.

    If another motorcyclist is unable to indicate and merge in traffic through lack of confidence, or even energy, to overtake and give a younger rider some room - I say you are not experienced/good enough to perform a same lane overtake on another bike.

    But that's just my $3.82
  12. That's what I had to get used to for my day trip to Phillip Island. The first few times it scared the crap out of me! I really had to focus on staying calm and following my own path. STAY CALM! DON'T WOBBLE! I was aware they were coming, but they manouvered very quickly. On the way back I was used to it and gave room or stuck solidly to my path (depending on potential paths they could take) when I saw one coming in my mirror. That trip certainly improved my awareness of riding with other bikes - different to heavy car traffic.
  13. I had some fcuk stick overtake me and my mates in the same lane on the way up to the GP. He cruised past slowly with one hand on his hip like a fkn show pony. Whats the point? To save a few seconds in life going from A - B?

    Now, for those who think it is ok to overtake in the same lane... picture this:

    Your cruising at 80Kmph on a 2 lane rd, there is a car in the right lane next to you and parked cars on the other side. Then someone overtakes you in your lane. Where do you go if you need to swerve suddenly for a ditch, debre, etc...? You may hit the other rider causing yourself, both or even the car next to you serious injury or worse.

    Riders have enough to absorb on the road and shouldnt have to worry about other riders doing something as stupid as overtaking another rider in such a small space. Its not ok for cars to do it, although they do do it all the time, so I figure bikes shouldnt do it also.

    Ah well, each to their own.
  14. Like what? There was no mention of the other riders behaviour other than that he/she overtook in the same lane. For all we know it could have been in the responsible manner you decribed.

    I agree that there are some idiots who do it without thinking. There are also some morons who get a thrill out of buzzing L platers to show how fast and special they are. For this group there is SFA we can do to stop them and Matchstick01 will quikely learn that the best way to deal with these things is to analyse his own riding and learn from that.

    as you said there are many reasons he may not have seen the other bike.
    Solution is to remember that in future and make sure you get a good look even if you have to dip your head down momentarily to see clearly.:)

    Make a mental note to continue doing that, but not at the expense of being aware of your suroundings. Check mirrors, headcheck and monitor the roadscape often. Looking where you want to go is important in a corner. In a straight line, there is no reason for not observing what is happening around you. :)

    Solution is as above. Regularly check mirrors and observe what is happing around you. :)

    At no point was I having a go at Matchstick01. He asked a question and I gave my answer. I also advised him to think about why he didn't know the other rider was there because I feel it is at the heart of the problem. If he'd known the other rider was there and about to (or could possibly) pass then it wouldn't have taken him by surprise and given him a fright. We are motorcyclists. As such we have to reflect criticaly on our riding and accept responsibility for knowing what happens around us. No-one else is going to look out for us on the road so we need to look out for ourselves. Self relection allows us to identify weak points to work on and learn from our experience, making us safer riders. I do it constantly, and double hard when something goes wrong. :)
  15. Seany, you are never allowed to ride with me if that is your attitude.

    overtaking in the same lane may be technically leagal but it is in no way a good idea.

    splitting traffic when it is stopped at the lights is another story.

    I'd like to see you in the same situation having some cheese dick do that to you and have an older guy to essentially tell you to put up with it.
  16. Taking a hand off the bar and putting it on your hip takes pressure off the shoulder and gives you a bit of a rest. Normally it's sportsbike riders who do it though. It's also something most people would never do while overtaking, but I doubt he was showing off. :)
    You're already in trouble at this point. Why was the car beside you. Was it overtaking or cruising at a similar pace? Cars have a nasty habit of changing lanes without looking for bikes, and from right to left they rarely look at all. I would suggest riding slightly in front or behind a car in the next lane and avoid being right beside them. Doing this may have also left space for the other rider to change lanes and pass (only guessing though). :)
  17. Yes i do overtake in the same lane but i make sure the dude knows im there before doing it,and as for overtaking a learner or p plater NOPE i steer clear of them :grin: Like everything common sence plays a crutial part. And no i dont pass in corners or near corners :cool:
  18. You can never check your mirrors often enough. Be aware of your surroundings and hopefully you can then anticipate what may/may not come.
  19. .....a time and a place for eveything. not all the time but sometimes...
  20. Riders pass me in my lane regularly. I tend to move over when I can and let them though. I ride fairly conservatively but don't see why I should hold others up. There's nothing wrong with my attitude. I put safely first and ride responsibly. I also know that I can't act for everyone so advise looking at one's own riding to find ways to minimise the risk when other people do something unexpected.:)

    If I did complain about it, i'd absolutely expect to be told to put up with it. Other than try to be aware of it because there is nothing else we can do. What advice should I give? Follow them to their next stop and punch them????

    I'm not condoning dangerous riding. Overtaking in the same lane can be safe and usually when I see it happen it's on straight sections of road and the passing bike waits for the other rider to signal them through first. :)