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Overtaking in an oncoming overtaking lane

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Crepedus, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. So after sleeping in way late and getting up at 3pm, figured i'd still have time for a run up Macquarie Pass.

    As usual i get stuck behind someone and they go slow, but fast enough that i dare not try to overtake them. When i finally get to the first overtaking lane, i pass the car in front and hit the gas, since they usually do the same when you try to overtake.
    As i'm coming around the slight left hand bend, what do i see? A bloody 4wd coming straight at me trying to overtake on MY overtaking lane. Luckily i had plenty of room/time to move over to the left and give him the finger, and made damn sure he saw it.

    That however was not as scary as my very first near miss - the harley rider that shot between me and an adjacent car in a 70 zone, and missed me by no more than a foot. Must have been doing at least 100k's. Had to check my pants after that one.

    So theres my first vent and i'm sure there will be many to follow :shock:

  2. Yeah, that can be scary to see.

    Though FWIW, the main overtaking section on Macquarie Pass does allow the downhill traffic to overtake as one would on any piece of broken-line road. Uphill overtaking traffic has right of way of course.
  3. Gotcha.
    But yeah, i wouldn't do that in my car, not really enough room incase someone is coming the other way. As frustrating as it is, i just sit behind the other cars and biatch and moan haha.
  4. Spots is, of course, correct. Overtaking can be done legally while heading downhill, and can be achieved safely as long as you get out and around quickly. Unfortunately the car to be passed often speeds up as you have noticed.

    Of VASTLY more concern than that, however, is the number of near-misses I have had courtesy of BIKES screaming uphill in the overtaking lane while I have been trying to overtake going downhill. Once the O/T lane is reached, it's easy for a bike to be doing 120+ and more and this makes the closing speed dramatically higher.

    FWIW I always stick in the "slow" lane going uphill through that section unless I am actually overtaking. I have plenty of friends who either "straightline" the section if no-one's coming downhill, or stick out in the "fast" lane, chin glued to the tank. Both alternatives are stupid, imho and increase your chance of being involved in an accident that COULD have been avoided.
  5. Those guys will steal anything!

    But yer, reminds me of the lad who split between myself and other cage in 90kph zone on Friday. There wasn't much gap and he's lucky I knew what he was going to do.
  6. I agree, rc36... the big problem with that overtaking section is that the uphill run turns into a race. It doesn't matter if Grandma was doing 30kph up the entire pass until that point in an old 1980's Cressida; she's going to gun it and make you have to pass at >100kph in a 60 zone.

    ... which means anyone coming downhill's going to have a dangerously short window to make their move.
  7. I was doing about 90 uphill there, i wasn't expecting a car to be coming straight at me. Out of all the times i been up there in my car thats never happened to me. At least on the bike you got more room to move.
  8. Actually, if you are in the right lane going uphill and not overtaking anyone AT THE TIME, you are breaking the law, which requires you (and is signposted just so) to keep left unless overtaking.

    So if you are not overtaking and some overtakes coming downhill, he is entitled to see you in the left-hand lane because you are not, and he is prefectly entitled to take the unbroken line's invitation for him to overtake.
  9. I see plenty overtaking on the downhill run there, and yes as spots said it is unbroken lines and legal, so i am always wary when overtaking on the way up, it is frustrating though how the cars doing such low speeds on the way up always decide it's a drag race time once the overtaking lane arrives only to be on the brakes again straight after it, small price to pay for such a great piece of motorbike heaven
  10. Agreed. BTW, you might want to change your sig!! :cool:
  11. my sig may be right, all i need is every other team disqualified for salary cap infringements :LOL:
  12. GOLD!!!