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Overtaking a vehicle on the left - what's the fine worth?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by parko, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Got sprung this morning on my way to work.... Splitting lanes on the Caulder Freeway where the traffic jams up and I passed a cop on a red BMW. He wasn't splitting, and I passed him :roll: . I didn't recognize the bike as a cop bike... didn't have any of the usual markings on it! Should of had a closer look at the riders clothes though!!! How he caught up to me I don't know because I was still splitting when I heard him honking from behind (The only way I can think of is if he split himself to catch up!). Anyway at first he seem pretty pissed, asked me what he should say to my family in the event of my impending death, and if I had a will. I just said that the question seemed to be rhetoric, and yes I do have a will (even though the kit is yet to be filled out... must do that soon!). Anyway he calmed down, inspected my bike and told me that I'd be getting fined for "overtaking a vehicle on the left". As we parted he told me to take it easy, and I thanked him :) . Anyway, whats the fine worth in $$$ and points?

  2. About 175 and two points I'm thinking...
  3. If I recall correctly, the penalty is 20 years in Falsom Prison.
  4. 20 Years!!!! Man... I thought I'd be getting life with no chance of parole with the way the cop started speaking to me!
  5. Are you sure he was on a Police bike?

    If he didn't write you a ticket on the spot I'm thinking he can't write you a ticket at all.

    You said he honked you, so I assume he did not use a siren?
    Funny sounding traffic stop.
    I'm not convinced you will get a ticket, I reckon he was just trying to scare you.
    Did you show him your licence?

    And what a wanker anyway, he's on a bike and he lane splits to catch up, and then lectures you about it.
    Like in any job some cops are just complete pratts.
    Some are power hungry, others are out to save you from yourself.
    I find older coppers are much better than younger ones.
    I'll be interested to see if you do get a ticket.
    I hope you don't mate.
    Let us know.
  6. Re: Overtaking a vehicle on the left - what's the fine worth

    :LOL: I Love it :grin:

  7. Not true mate. A cop can pull you over in his own time any time and send you a ticket in the mail. It's not encouraged by the bosses, but quite legal. Could be on the freeway he thought it'd be too dangerous to sit for too long writing a ticket. Or maybe he was just trying to scare...

    But then, he was in uniform, right? I'm tipping he was on duty then...
  8. Ummm... by that logic a cop shouldn't speed to catch up to a speeder... doesn't make much sense now does it.
    As was said you can be booked anytime, just most cops won't bother pulling someone over in their plain cloths or their own car.... but they can send you a fine in the mail for something less specific sometimes rather than the full offence. Depends on if he/she can be bothered sending it when they get to work as well.
  9. Certainly appeared to be a police bike once I got a closer look, it had red and blue flashing lights going that would have been had to spot when not on, didn't hear a siren though. Didn't get a ticket on the spot, but did give him my license from which he took my details and scribbled them into a red notepad.

    With regards to him lane splitting... I'm not sure he did, I just guess he did because I can't see how he would have caught up to me with out doing it!

    He didn't appear that young from what I could see through his helmet, and once he calmed down he came across ok.

    My take is this: I was lane splitting... and I got sprung. Hope I don't get a ticket Jaqhama, but if I do then so be it. :cool:

    The thing that kinda annoys me is that at a point in the rest of my journey he easily/quickly passed me on the left while I was sitting on 100kph! No lights or siren going so he wasn't in pursuit of anyone.... :mad:
  10. Re: Overtaking a vehicle on the left - what's the fine worth

    I got booked last year in NSW and it was 3 points and $175.
  11. I'm with Jaqhama on this one. Unless Parko was riding like a complete idiot (splitting 120kmh, one wheel, rolling stoppies) then what's the reason for the patronising lecture? When you're stopped, I'm used to and prepared for the 'what do you think you were doing' line, but asking questions about your will? What a nob.

    Last time I was stopped by a bike copper was for going past stopped cars in a main street. Once he was satisfied I had a licence and roadworthy bike, he gave me a hint about always using my indicator and sent me on my way. He even remarked on the lack of chicken strips and the condition of the bike.
  12. Well Parko what do you think? Were you going a little quick or were you being pretty cautious?
  13. And from another thread this morning...

    Unless you were doing something dumb (which doesn't sound likely) you were just bloody unlucky. :evil:

    They've got a Black unmarked K series BMW I've seen and an ST1300 I know of as well - besides that red one. I've seen him in Sydney Road and Lygon Street booking cars parked in the clearway.

  14. I get the feeling bike cops tend to give riders a fair margin before they write the ticket. I was pulled over for doing about 80 in a 70 zone a couple of months ago, he checked licence and reg, suggested I slow down a bit and that was it.

    Then there was the cop who paced me at around 120 on the Princes Fwy (didn't see the bugger), pretty much keeping up with the flow of the traffic, I changed lanes and he cruised on.

    Maybe I've just been lucky, hope you are too Parko.
  15. Well I know that just before I passed the cop I was doing ~40kph (checked my speedo before passing) splitting/moving between the slowly moving cars.. and just before I heard him behind me I know that I had speeded up a bit but not that much more! I just remembered another comment he made about a 4 wheel drive hitting me, that's what lead to the comment about what he would tell my family... I really don't remember getting "that" close to any 4 wheel drive in perticular, but mabe that was what made him decide that I had be be stopped?
  16. Well there are three possibilities here.
    1) you were going fast enough or sillily enough that he pulled you over cos he was genuinely scared for you. In which case if you didnt behave like a prat you probably wont hear about it again
    2) You had a near miss that was your fault , or that you should have avoided and he responded as above
    3) He was a prat. The bike cops tend to be either enthusiasts or prats. The older ones who have got that ticket punched but stayed on are all enthusiasts in my experience. If he was a prat you are gone.

    So what do you think? You talked to him. We didnt
  17. Well, when he first pulled me over and "questioned" me he came across as aggressive, so I just calmly "answered" his questions... Once he'd finished with my license and checked my bike he'd appeared to have calmed down. He then told me that I'd "overtaken a vehicle on the left". I can't remember the lead up to the statement, but I remember that the overall indication was that I'd be getting a ticket. He concluded the "chat" telling me to "take it easy"; I said thanks, mounted my bike and rode off into the sunrise!

    If he is genuine:
    1) He was angery because he thought I had a near miss with a 4x4 that I wasn't aware of;
    2) I will be getting a ticket because he thinks it will curb my behaviour and save my life in the future.

    If he's a prat:
    1) I will be getting a ticket simply because he got out the wrong side of the bed;
    2) He was pissed seeing me pass him lane splitting so easily on my smaller/thinner bike and he couldn't (as easily).

    My "feeling" is that he is genuine.
    Either way I'm prepared for a ticket...
  18. Or maybe just because it is his job to give tickets to people that break the law?


    It may not be personal, you know. :?
  19. But if it's against the law to lane split, what was all the fuss about over the lane splitting proposal then? Ah, you mean there are already laws that govern dangerous or inappropriate behaviour?

    And of course, you don't split?
  20. Yep, that too... but his aggressive nature at the start of our "chat" would indicate that he was not "just doing his job".