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Overtaken on the inside of the lane

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ClueClue, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Had a bit of a close call today. Just filled up the bike and was heading down Berowra Waters Road, through the first roundabout, gradually getting up to speed (going about 30km/h at this point) when I hear another bike coming up behind me pretty quickly. I assume he had just come off the Pacific Highway and was still going about 80.

    My first instinct was to move over to the left of my lane (I was in the middle) so I look down at the mirror to see where he is. As I look down and see the mirror is empty, he suddenly goes flying past me on the inside of the lane, on my left going at least double my speed.

    It's lucky I took that extra second before moving over, otherwise that could have been even more dangerous.

    I'm not sure what else I could have done. I guess watch the mirrors more closely or keep more to the left side of the lane? If you see/hear another bike coming up behind you, is it better to stay where you are and let them figure it out or try and move over?
  2. if someone comes behind me i just sit as i was before, makes it easier for the other rider to pass. keeps my movements predictable.

    i hate coming up behind someone then they start moving randomly over or what-not.
  3. Just stay put and don't shift off your line, it's safer for both of you.
  4. Smee's giving me this warm fuzzy feeling not unlike having a ferret in your britches..........

    Road or Track maintain your line, to second guess is to flirt with catastrophe...........she's a harsh and unforgiving mistress.
  5. True that..own that slice of road...and remember that your head is on a ball joint for a reason..keep it moving and maintain situational awareness...like the monster under your bed..it wont come and get you while you are looking at it.
  6. To repeat it so it is remembered. Hold your line, under such circumstances. I would also want the other rider to ease off a bit. HE/SHE WAS A STUPID ASS!!

    If you weren't aware of their approach, and they zipped past you like that it could have startled you!! -into a potential crash situation. Inconsiderate riding as far as I'm concerned.

    It's up to the trailing rider to get past you. (not that you want to be blocking them either).

    Anyway maintain your line.!! :))

  7. It's not good when cars do it either. Twice I've had cars try to overtake me on the left on a wide single lane road. As far as I'm concerned he was a ******** for doing it like that.

    Edit: There's a reason overtaking on the left is an offence... It's bloody dangerous and no-one expects it.
  8. overtaking on the left ? --- should only be on a race track not on a public road
  9. Agreed - overtaking on the left is bad - but if there's room for a car to overtake on your left, you probably could have been there yourself and made room for the car that wanted to pass on your right.
  10. I agree that generally speaking overtaking on the left is dangerous and often illegal. However, there are situations where overtaking on the left is quite legal and is quite safe. Other times overtaking on the left is the lesser of two evils.
  11. B12mick, yes, but I'm referring to what the OP encountered. That is a single lane road where he's travelling ahead (not turning) and some knob jockey over takes him on the inside. That is always an offence. In the ACT it's $150 odd and 2 points from memory.
  12. You said u were doing 30 and he passed you at double your speed (so he was doing the speed limit) if your going to go that slow you really should be right across to the left.. At that speed you'd have cars passing you in your lane aswell which is equally dangerous. I'm guessing that your a learner and taking it easy and I don't want to encourage you to gun it if you don't feel right but if you are going half the speed limit it makes you a target, you'd expect people to give a learner more room and respect than that but some people are pricks.
  13. Hey Marty

    ClueClue is Luke - The guy we met up with at Berowra petrol station above the ferry at Berowra Waters on the Terrigal run a month ago. Rides the classic Honda CB400 single cylinder. Might take the beautiful old thing (the bike not Luke) a few seconds longer to reach speed. ;)

    Fun Ha!
  14. Um how long have you had your license. Did you listen to your instructor. Something about wheel tracks. @ 30k's you should still have been in your left wheel track. And he could have passed Quite simply and safely. Even a postie bike can hit 30 in 3 seconds.
  15. Yes, and as has been pointed out he was travelling well below the speed limit. In those circumstances I probably would've passed him on the left as well.
  16. Are you talking about this roundabout?

    Given that the road is a 50 zone and you've just gone through a roundabout, 30 is not an unreasonable speed.

    The knob jockey is the one who's still doing 80 after turning off the highway (which in any case is 60 at that intersection).
  17. Ah cool yeh I remember the bike. It should be able to get up to 60 pretty quickly. But yeh it's tricky if your going going slow in the right you'll piss people off, if you go in the left your inviting them to pass you which is bad. Best bet is to just gun it to lower the risk of being tangled up
  18. Yep - I agree.
  19. The guy that overtook you is an asshat.

    You should have held your line as previously mentioned, but he's an asshat for undertaking you - plain and simple.

  20. Yeah, just to clarify, it is a 50 zone, and I had just pulled out from the Caltex and gone through the roundabout (the one rjbsmith linked to) when he went flying past me. It wasn't so much the speed that concerned me, just that he went past at that speed on the left when I didn't expect it. There were no cars around and I was in no hurry, so I was just gradually getting up to speed.

    I was just after some clarification on whether what I did was the right thing or not, and it seems that holding the line, as I did, is the best way to handle similar situations in future. So thanks guys.