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Overtaken during a right hand turn

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Fuping, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. It is what's happened:

    I was waiting for a right hand turn. A car came from behind wanted to turn right as well, but she parked next to me. When traffic was clear I started turning right, she took over me during the turn instead of waiting for me.

    I stopped next to the car after, and I saw a female driver and she tried to avoid eye contact. I just rode away.

    BTW, the road before the turn only has one lane for each direction. And I parked on the middle of left lane. Near the intersection, the lane is wide enough for 2 vehicles.

    It has happened twice recently, but only this time is recorded.

    What should we do in this situation? or how to avoid this?

  2. Rather than slowing down and letting them pass I would be pissing off quick smart that heap cannot take off as quick as you can
  3. One of 2 options:
    1- Play it safe, let her pass and what's done is done.
    2- Give her piece of sh*t soccer mummobile a love tap in hopes she will never do it again and threaten the life of an individual because she is late to pick up her kids because she is a crack whore.

    I unno. :tantrum:
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  4. she was filtering.
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  5. She just thinks what's good for the goose is good for the gander, you can blast away or let her go and just suck it up.
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  6. I would liketo think I would let her go an endanger someone else. But I think I would smash her mirror
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  7. Ride away. You are OK. She is wrong. She might have been having a hard day herself, which is not an excuse. But focus on you. If the intersection is wide, others might do the same. Be aware and make allowances. You focus on you, others will make mistakes. Make the right turn and live to tell, because in the end that is all that matters. Don't waste time getting mad!!
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  8. Agreed,

    Far better to just let it go.
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  9. Just a tip, when you get to a turn like this angle the bike towards the turn. Gives you a much quicker start and allows you to squeeze in smaller gaps. Plus if this ever happens again, then your angle of traffic entry is such that the other car won't bother you. I'll generally only wait for the lane closest to me to clear and merge in to tight gaps on the other side with a bit of acceleration.
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  10. Take your tie off and strangle her with it ;-)
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  11. Seems pretty typical to me. I'm totally unfamiliar with the intersection so can;t comment on position etc but think that now you know about it a few times watch for it,

    She was a fool. She could have easily rammed into the parked car or the one in front of her after she pulled in. You did good to ease of a bit at first. I probably would have planted it or backed off totally.
    I reckon you made a mistake planting it a bit more after she pulled back in. It seemed that way but might have been deceptive. I would have been tempted to do the same. I reckon if a fool does something stupid they are likely to do it again or get caught out and that's what happened to her. I just need to keep reminding myself that.
  12. Agreed, I rode away after I saw her tried to avoid my sight. It looked like she knew she was wrong.
  13. It's serious.
    Because it could force you into oncoming traffic.
    Personally, I would take it very seriously.
    A driver nearly killed me once. Took me a year to recover. So I react to such behaviour accordingly now.
    She needs to be stopped. The how is your choice.
  14. I'd show the video to the police.
  15. It is safer to have those idiots in front of you than behind. Let her go and avoid her carnage in front. If you had kept in front the next thing would have been her up your rear.
  16. Looking again, I noticed she crossed a solid white line on the left whilst going around Fuping, which may be considered an offence (under certain circumstances in Victoria now), but he may have then done the same.

    If F takes it to the police, perhaps they'll not want to action it, or charge Fuping with an offence. Always a risk.

    F, where is the intersection? So we can all be aware if it....
  17. Maybe edit the vid.
  18. #18 Vertical C, Nov 24, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2013
    Its your own fault. You wore a camera, she just wanted to get into shot to become a star.

    Edit. Seriously though i have never had that happen in over 300Kkms (except maybe in India where I do remember going around corners three wide, that doesnt count) so if you have had it twice that is not good.

    You can dobb her in but that doesnt help the situation for you really because it will probably happen again to you. I need more data to say why it is happening. Had she beeped at you before she started to come round, how long you been there. Do you have the preceeding video. Sometimes people get anxious like that if you miss a spot to go. That happens but a good way to appease them is a wave of sorry to say you fcuked up might lrevent them coming round, everyone fcuks up from time to time.

    Are you on your l's and were you wearing your l plates?
  19. Someone tried to do something similar to me Friday on the way home from work. Single lane road, I'm doing 60 (the speed limit). The road ends at a T junction and as I'm slowing down to approach my left turn some moron in a Pajero starts driving along side me in the bicycle lane, trying to get past. I put my left indicator on, turn around and look at the car doing my best mime of "what the hell are you trying to do", then go around the corner. At the next set of lights the Pajero gets on the horn like I was the one doing something wrong.

    Might be the L plate on the bike, but I am starting to wonder how these people ever got their licence in the first place...
  20. Can be. Some are respectful of L platers but many aren't. They look at you as their inconvenience and forget we were all L Platers (most of us anyway).

    I'd get rid of the L plate ASAP but then you fit into the P Plate "bracket".