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Overtake Light, do you use it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by WhatASlowRider, May 29, 2011.

  1. Very often when I see a car on the left trying to push out or from the right attemting to crossing my way, I flash my overtake light a couple of times as a 'hi, i'm here' , do you guys do this or is it consdiered a good/bad thing?

  2. Bad thing, as some people take it to mean 'come through'.

    Best thing you can do at night time is to cover brakes, buffer to the side that would give you more braking room if they came out, and move side to side in lane - the lateral movement aids depth perception especially at night.
  3. they'll take it, more than likely, as "come through", as stated above.

    best to do is as stated above also, but i'd also, if in worst circumstances, just flick my highbeam on and leave it on. i've had to do that only twice in 5 years.
  4. I would either do what is mentioned above or would twist my wrist and be out of that spot in a flash.

    Dependent on what bike I am on and what's in front and what's behind.
  5. Stop doing it or you'll die.
  6. thanks pat! i don't want to die. i'm going to live forever now! :angel:
  7. that's GOLD!!!

    Seriously, stop doing it. If a car looks like it's a threat to you put your high beams on and leave them until the threat has passed. It has multiple benefits.

    Flicking the high beams on will usually startle the driver enough to cause to them to hesitate, and usually enough time to get past them without the big bang.

    The brighter glare can mean they lose their decision making reference points. i.e. YOU disappear in the light and they can no longer reference you against the background. Cars wont go if they're not sure.

    Lastly, if the car does go and hits you with your high beams on, you're covered for when the cops arrive. If you're in the ambo and they ask you what happened, tell them to check your high beam switch. The the cager will have some explaining to do.

    Couple of quick other points to consider...

    Always cover your controls but keep control of yourself. Don't panic.
    Always have an escape point....2 is preferable. 1 for if they come at you, 2nd for if they half come at you (meaning you may have to swerve behind them)

    If you want to wash off speed try to do it without dipping the nose. Sometimes drivers will see your headlight dip and think you're braking to give way to them. That's as bad as flashing your lights at them.

    In short, the best thing you can do on your bike to keep you safe is to not send mixed messages to others around you. Telegraph to them what your intentions are, and telegraph to them what you expect them to do. All the while secretly expecting them to do something stupid.

    Much like high stakes poker.
  8. thanks gents. I love netrider!
  9. Some good points, but

    I'm sure it works for you Chef, but... they do go, and he might pay the price.
    If they look like a threat, cover brakes and buffer. A headlight that moves sideways gets attention too.

    Like why they killed you?
  10. I agree that in Australian road 'culture', flashing one's highbeams at a car waiting to change lanes/merge/cross the road/enter the road/etc means "Go ahead, I'll let you through".
  11. I don't know about that...I've seen people look at me, with my high beams on and they still come out. It's like they see a bright light (play holy light music...ahhhhh) and swing out as though St.Peter has opened the gates for them.

    I tend to stay behind any cars on either my right or left, however if there is a car tailgating me, I will go past those cars and change lanes to let them through.

    Flashing high beams usually means you are clear to change lanes...such as when one would flash a semi-trailer telling them their trailer has cleared the front end of your vehicle during an over taking manoeuvre.
  12. semtex and primer built into my headlight housing. i'm taking him down with me
  13. i like that idea too, would'nt be shy to use it. might even hold the horn down too
  14. Never used it, except to warn others of a hazard, or a speed camera.

    As it seems, the use of it is open to interpretation by other motorists.
  15. Lol! Yes flashing is telling them to go.. Whoever said to twist the wrist to get out of there that's even worse!! If you see a hazard ahead slow the **** down and don't pick it back up till you've passed it, I can't stress that enough. I've almost learnt the hard way a couple of times.
  16. awwwe you edited your post didn't you. That's ok.

    You're right. I wasn't specific enough in my first point, and this is Netrider, and this is a noob thread. You got me, but I thought I had covered it here and I didn't want to spoon feed him....

    All the while secretly expecting them to do something stupid. Sometimes the simplest message just slips us by so it's worth repeating.

    Little bit hard to tell the rozzers to check your high beam switch if you're dead isn't it?
    But once again that's ok, if you want to play the drama card to make a point that's your prerogative. I was playing the flippant card so I've only got myself to blame. I keep forgetting how literal we have to be on Netrider, maybe I should go back to being blunt again?

    Flicking the highbeam on is not a fucking cure all, it doesn't work all of the time. But please, please tell me what does work all of the time? I'm busting to know.

    It can rule out the SMIDSY defense so I'll take it. I'll take that over the "oh I thought you were signaling me to go" defense.

    If a driver sees me and purposefully and willfully pulls out in front of me, even after I've flicked the high beams on (meaning don't even fucking think about it) then that little fucktard is now mine. It does happen form time to time, but it happens less to me now that I've taken and display the attitude that I mean business.

    Take from that what you will.
  17. To elaborate on what I mean... I took it as the OP is driving on a multilane road and someone is going to merge onto him.

    If this is the case I generally assess the situation and will either hit the anchors and wait till he merges and then go around. But if a car is behind me I will tend to give it and get infront of the person trying to merge into me.
    This is on a 600, if I was on a 250 I'd probably reassess my options as I wont have the power on tap to get out of trouble.

    Not saying that i am right, just what I believe (and obviously each situation needs to be judged individually)

    *Edit* and your advice just goes against your sig :LOL:
  18. Something in my brain is saying that the switch is not even meant for this country.
    As in your not meant to flash your lights anyway. Not like in Asia where they all drive around on their parkers and flash all the bloody time.
  19. Well the over take light.

    Do most people know its legal to hit your high beams before you overtake a car?

    Yup true its done so they know your going to come out and over take them.

    Taken from page 144 from the NSW road users handbook

    Shame most users as mention give this as a sign to let them know its clear to overtake. But thats what the switch is designed for.
  20. Yes I use it... But I reckon it's pretty useless unless you've got a good lighting set up (eg LEDs on the high beam circuit + HID headlight kit). I was on a ride recently, and I barely noticed TEC flashing his high beam at me despite the fact I was looking straight at his bike in my right hand side mirror.