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Overstated specifications for bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Hello people

    I read the specs for my learners bike vtr250 and it said something along the lines of 0-100 in 6 seconds, however when I ride the bike, it feels nothing like that speed. Cars can easily keep up with me off the lights - a bit of a concern when I am trying to move faster than them.

    I used to drive a sports car which could do 0-100 in 6 seconds and that felt much faster...

    What are your thoughts? or do I just have a dud bike!

  2. My VTR barely kept pace with 6 pot Commodores & Falcons and I cant be sure they werent holding back either.

    Is it manufacturer stated (Honda) or just some journo operating a stop watch while juggling the clutch and throttle?
  3. 6 seconds seems far-fetched to me unless you're going downhill of course. Maybe more like 8 to 9.
  4. You're surprised? When people stopped using horses, they started to exagerrate the equivalent in engines. In the 60's the Yanks called one of the small-block Ford V8 engines a 145 BHP (brake horse power) engine. Real horsepower would have been closer to 100. As I recollect Ford here in Australia had a 'Pursuit' motor in one of the Falcons, I think the quoted 115 BHP for is, real horsepower was probably something like 85.

    I think it's a bit harder to fudge figures on modern bikes since their ECUs can talk to a computer and tell the truth.....
  5. Depends on how much you weigh :)
  6. I think thats what it comes down to, being only a 250, and a small bike, weight plays a bigger roll than on the larger bikes.

    I reckon it would do it hey. Maybe not 6 flat, but a 6.5 or so. I've had fast cars also, and I'd say my old VTR would be in about the same speed. But that said, it did have a pipe, I wasn't adverse to a little clutch slipping, or getting close to the limiter, and I only weigh 65kgs.
  7. +1 to being jockey sized for best acceleration.

    In a 1500kg car, a 100kg driver vs a 75kg driver is 1.6% difference in power/weight. Insignificant.

    On a 150kg bike, it's an 11% difference. Big step.

    It's also down to the launch, too - Bikes behave a bit like mid-engine cars for acceleration, able to use their central weight distribution and RWD to launch extremely hard, provided the rider's launch technique can nail it perfectly, using all the grip available without looping the bike.

    My naturally-aspirated, 120hp, 1000kg mid-engined MR2 ran consistent 2.3 second 60' times at the dragstrip - able to stomp massive HSVs, FPVs and more in the first 330'. But that's all thanks to the launch.

    Actual in-gear acceleration may be less inspiring.
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    when they talk these kind of times, its with a takeoff of like 12000rpm+ and revving the tits off it at red line with a jockey on the back. Even then it seems kinda far fetched for a vtr...


    heres a vid of a gpx250r, he takes off @ 13k rpm and shifts off at 13-14krpm.... and its about a 6.5-7 second run.... doubt a no fairing vtr can do that
  9. I've got a question about gear changes on this topic, are these guys literally "letting go" of the clutch when up-shifting? And is instantly letting go of the clutch the same thing as "dropping the clutch"?
  10. My car does the 0-100 sprint somewhere around 7 seconds and it feels faster than the VTR I'm on at the moment (I pull in at about 80kg at the moment)...

    Don't know enough about launching bikes specifically to give you any more advice but at a guess I'd say it's a balancing act that takes a bit of practice to perfect...
  11. Actually, the differences in aerodynamics won't play that much of a role until well past 100kph.

    Power-to-weight ratio and launching ability all the way for 0-100kph.
  12. Yep , thats dropping it. Unlikely to be using the clutch the shift though when trying to get top acceleration times.
  13. Also V twins dont rev quite as high as inline 4s.
  14. i hear every learner telling people their cbr 250 can do 0-100km/h in 4's 5's LOL

    then i look them up and a skinny dude who can ride ok can barley crack a 15 second 1/4

    also pisses me off when scooterists tell me their scoot beats V8's, i've owned pretty much the fastest scoots you can buy and ridden other fast models too and they are no match for a V6 magna that takes off moderatly ffs let alone dragging a V8..

    i had a 250cc 4 cyl bike and it kept pace easily with cbr250's and flogged hyo's yet i put it at about 8 sec 0-100km/h when riding the tits off it, the reason why you beat cars you think your racing but they arent is on the bike you react quicker, they shift quicker and usually your stuck into it harder than the cager using 1/3rd throttle

    i couldnt help myself a few months ago to blow a 250 rider into the weeds as i was watching him thrash the crap outta his little bike, finally we got a red and flatout he goes, my shitbox car takes off slow and i eased on the throttle then nailed it around 50km/h and hopefully he choked on the excess fumes my old bomb toyota spews out the tail pipe which were equal to his riding ability
  15. hmm <5s is totally unrealistic but i think around the quoted 5.8-6s is doable. If I launch around 10-12k and nail it my little hornet sure gets up and boogies and is almost doing 100 at the top of second. *feels* faster than most falcodores... hardly ever launch hard from the lights... but always easy to leave the cars behind!!

    havent raced anyone except mates on a CBR and on a Hyo (destroyed the hyo, CBR is neck and neck, depends who gets the best launch etc)

    I think I will have to completely re-learn throttle control once I get onto a bigger bike... lol!!!
  16. Thats when I plainly and calmly say 'Bullshit.' Its also why I don't talk to dickheads.

    My RS125 is a good example of a standing start race with a modernish car. My brother owns a Commodore 3.8L auto jobbie with a chip and some decent suspension, intake and exhaust jobbies. Nothing fancy, but relatively quick in terms of a daily driver when you put your foot down. From a standing start, and him knowing we were racing, I beat him to 100km/h. From then on it was his race thanks to my total of maybe 30 crank horses and shocking aerodynamic efficiency.

    That was with a 10,000rpm clutch feather (no 'drop', thankyou...please ride correctly) off the line and 11,000rpm clutchless shifts all the way to top gear. Had the Commie been a manual and given equivalent treatment I would have been beaten for sure.

    Anywho, there is a big difference between manual and automatic transmissions and the way they are able to be launched. There is also a big difference between what you get out of a bike and riding it to its limits (ie max rpm feathered-clutch starts, WOT acceleration, quickshifting). Riding a bike to its limits off every light will see you go through a fair few clutches and other associated mechanisms. I don't recommend it.

    Want a better 0-100 time? Get a more powerful bike, easy as that. Personally, I like riding alone through the twisties with no bogans in tarted up Excels or doof-doofing Commodores bugging me.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is something that bugs me as well - boingk
  17. Sorry for going OT, but a 2.3 second 60' time is very slow, and any Commie at the strip will beat that on regular street tyres even with a very poor driver. My old wagon (>300 rwkw) would generally grab a 2.2 60' or so (babied off the line on street tyres) but would run 117 mph and 12's. 1.8 is accepted as about average, and the guys who know what they are doing are running 1.6's or even 1.5's.
  18. And there, I think, is the crux of the matter :grin:.

    It's not hard to beat the traffic away from the lights. Even in my very tired 1500 Beetle with its 40 odd, fit for the knackers yard, horses, I found myself balked by cars in front more often than not, due to half asleep drivers. On a bike, pretty much any bike, unless someone decides they want to race, you'll be way ahead of the average commuting queue.

    When the other guy is trying too, it becomes a rather different matter.
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    That's when you need mhrkkjMJsgk[/media]]these facing forwards and backwards. :p
  20. ...

    Must. Have.