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Overseas Riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Was Driving along the hume hwy in Liverpool and saw two BMW in a strange White Gold color, one was a woman the other a man, when i passed them I saw a large gear pack on the back , but what caught my eye was an even larger number plate on the bike, It was a two story plate, may have been German.
    The question is it worth it transporting a bike overseas to do a holiday, or just buy or hire one. What would happen if we would go overseas with our NSW, vic or whatever plate, does the rego greenslip etc work there, and would the Germans have ctp ? Has anyone taken their Aus bike overseas?

  2. Grab a copy of a recent bike magazine and there are many companies advertised there whom specialise in overseas bike holidays and take care of all the formalities.

    If however you want to do it yourself then you apply for a carnet (details in links below) and yes your local rego still applies overseas. If you want to have a lengthy motorcycle tour overseas with the comfort and convenience of your own bike then yes it is worth it as it would cost the same to hire a bike overseas for that length of a time. You will also need to apply for an international drivers license to accompany your local license which costs $20 and takes 1/2 hour.

    For an idea to export your bike up and back to the UK with airfreight approx AUD 5000 with a transit time of 2-3 days or seafreight via LCL approx AUD 3500 with a transit time of 4-6 weeks each way.

  3. Sounds like it would be cheaper to buy a bike over there and sell it when you leave.
  4. Have you taken your bike to the uk? ResmeN ResmeN
    The $5k airfare is return?
  5. Yes TAX123 that is return but don't forget I said approx so it may be slightly more or less but that would generally be the going rate.

    No I haven't taken my own bike up and back but I take clients vehicles up and back on their behalf.

    The reason why it is so much for airfreight is due to the engine and the fuel which has gone thru the system being classified as dangerous goods and due to this it attracts a much higher rate than usual. The fee I quoted also excludes the fee involved in obtaining the carnet.

    In my time in the industry I have seen many people pack their cars/bikes/atvs in containers or sent by seafreight/airfreight overseas and embarked on many adventurous trips.
  6. I took my bike to NZ for 5 weeks and it was slightly cheaper to do that rather than hire one.

    When I did 6 weeks in Europe we hired bikes.

    It comes down to where, time and how many k's you'll do. In Europe we did about 9000k's. Do you want that wear and tear on your bike? In Europe we hired BMW's. If I took the gixxer, I would have had to get a service done while on the trip. With the beemers we lasted the whole trip and only had to buy tyres, which took about 1/2 day (6 bikes) to get done.

    In NZ you have to pay the following if you take your own bike

    1. Shipping cost
    2. GST on the value of your bike (you get this refunded after your bike arrives back in OZ)
    3. 6 months rego - again refunded unused portion
    4. WOF (Warrant of Fitness - RWC)
    5. Insurance - optional
    6. International drivers license (not sure if this is optional for NZ)

    Do your research but if you are travelling any further than NZ (or maybe IoM) I would hire a bike, a heap less hassle
  7. funny little story:

    my olds came back from their trip recently.

    my dad told me that a mate of his shipped over his merc to their little holiday pad on the coast to drive around in.

    the merc is nsw plated!!!