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overseas parts stores that ship to australia?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kharn, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Im looking for some genuine parts for my cbr600rr, as I noticed that some local places seem to be charging some really high prices ($2.50 per nut even).
    I sent a request off to http://www.findapart.com.au/ to see if I get some better prices through that, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any overseas sites that sell/ship honda parts to australia. As I can imagine parts are probably a lot cheaper from somewhere like usa than they are here, so even with added shipping costs it might be worth it.

  2. Try $11.50 for a fairing bolt!!!
  3. ahh the madness that is triumph pricing... i remember it well :LOL:

    I'll have a dig through my bookmarks and get back to you
  4. Ill probably still end up buying honda nuts/bolts/washers at extortionist rates locally as prices for these overseas are only marginally better Ive found so far, but buy the bigger parts from overseas.
    http://www.mrcycles.com/ seems to mention international shipping, and has parts I need for about half the price Ive been quoted here.

    But be interested to hear of other sites people use and know are reputable.
  5. Not particularly helpful for your situation, but AF1 Racing ship internationally for Aprilia owners. ;)

    Just ordered a few parts for my bike from them, and this is how the experienced differed from my local dealer:

    Price: $800AU shipped to my door, vs. $1600 through the dealer.
    Timing: 4 working days to my door, vs. 6 weeks (or more) through the dealer.
    Warranty: Needs to be shipped back to the US for warranty vs. Local warranty supplied.

    Obviously the warranty is an issue, but the part I order is a 'wear' item anyway, and it would never be covered under any kind of warranty, I'm sure. Vehicle warranties are bullshit at the best of times, IMO - and certainly not worth waiting 10 times longer and paying twice as much to receive. :p Many people believe in supporting their local dealer - and I do too. But I think anyone would agree that they seriously need to get their act together to make it worth your while. :roll:
  6. thanks, Ill look into them.
    small bits are around the same price, larger bits are half price. go australia :roll:
  7. thanks for the info triway, I went with speedsupplies as they had good prices and from what I could see seemed the most professional.

    edit: Thought I should mention, I received my order from speed supplies but it was missing some parts, I emailled them and so far they havent replied, hopefully theyll reply and send out the missing bits (some nuts and washers, but expensive ones at that)