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[Overseas] 2002 ZZ-R250 Rear Indicators

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rolkus, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hio...

    In an attempt to find and purchase a front left hand indicator cover for my ZZR, I discovered that only in Australia, the ZZ-R250's rear indicators are different.

    Overseas, they're actually part of the body (pucture), where here they're on stalks.

    I like the idea of them being part of the body myself, I think they're easier to see in addition to looking better, rather than down to the sides of the numberplate.

    In regards to swapping them over, apparently, you can just take the paint off the covered parts -- however, my conundrum is the wiring, does anyone know anyone that is comfortable with this?

    Any help, or any advice would be great - I've toyed with electric's before, however probably not too confident in removing parts and putting them back on!

  2. Shouldn't be hard to move the wiring, it's only 2 wires for each indicator.

    The reason we have them different in OZ is due to ADR's. They are not spaced far enough apart on the zzr 250 to comply with ADR's. The 2008-9 GSXR 1000 (I'm sure there are others) has a similar setup but they are spaced further apart
  3. I just removed the covers on the back, I have to move the glob socket too, should be easy right? :/
  4. Is is very easy ..
    As Tim said, it does contravene ADR's due to the indicators being too close, BUT .. I know somebody that did it with his 250fiddy in Victoria around 6 years ago, he never got pinned for it, but it come back to bite him on the arse when he went to sell the bike.. it failed a RWC... so make sure you keep the parts so you can reverse the process before you sell it.
  5. I'll do it after my repairs are done!