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Overrevved into red zone

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by NatG, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Shifting from 1st to 2nd I accidentally got it into neutral and it over revved into the redzone. I immediately pulled the clutch in and shifted into 2nd. It all happened really fast.

    Will my bike be ok? Rode home fine the rest of the way and engine was already warm when this happened :(
  2. It'll be fine. Just don't make a habit of it.
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  3. Nat the embarrassment factor will cause more lasting damage. Don't stress it.
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  4. No drama at all. Your bike has an electronic rev limit. So even if you tried, you couldn't over rev it. That said, don't go holding it at the rev limit in neutral on purpose...
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  5. Achievement unlocked, revbomb
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  6. Bikes buggered mate...I'll give you $200 bucks for it

    If the engine was warmed up it will be fine with no damage done. Cbr 250's go through much worse and they are designed for the occasional mistake.
    You'd know if you did bad very quickly....[pictures NatG picking up bits of engine over the road]

    Learners bouncing their poor lams cbr's and ninja's off the limiter at traffic lights is a daily site at my local intersections :p
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  7. If it was going to cause problems it would have done so. Modern bikes mostly have electronic rev limiters. In 1980 they didn't. My GSX11 had a redline at 9, and I'm pretty sure I missed a 1 - 2 change once and saw about 14... I was SURE it was about to start raining pistons...
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  8. Even with a quick shifter, I still manage to muff the 1-2 change when trying to impress little kids/other riders/the ladies.
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  9. LOLL all of your replies have made me laugh :) and yeah I was quite embarrassed it made a loud and ugly rev noise :( haha today, no mistakes yet ! Appreciate everyone's reply :D

    Maybe I should adjust the gear lever and lower it down a bit, that way I dont have to push up SO high to get it into place!
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  10. Lower the lever. Then, just keep some gentle pressure on the lever when you want to change gears but keep the throttle wide open. This will let the engine spin up to the limiter. When the limiter kicks in the drive train will de-load and the bike will change up to 2nd.
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  11. Most usual overrev damage on old school fours seemed to be a bent valve where the valve spring failed to pull it back fast enough and it tangled with the other valve or the piston. Two-valve designs, with big, heavy valves (eg Kawasaki Z, Suzuki GS) seemed particularly prone to damage, rather than 4-valve motors (Suzuki GSX, Honda CBX) where the valves, being lighter and smaller were, presumably, better behaved under stress.

    Not that it was the end of the world. I knew a bloke who bent a GS valve when he missed a gear and rode the bike as a 3.5 cylinder for 20,000 miles until he opened up the engine to re-ring it and fixed the valve while the lid was off. There was a bit of a witness mark on the piston crown but nothing disastrous that a bit of 80 grit couldn't cure :D.
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  12. I've been searching youtube for videos on adjusting the height of the gear shift lever but cant find any for a Honda? Does anyone know how to? Shall I post pics of mine?
  13. Adjustment-
    Get 2 open end 10mm spanners,
    loosen both nuts on the shifter rod (Thin silver rod connecting the gear lever to the outlet shaft), one end is a left hand thread so you move them the same way,
    wind the rod so the gear lever moves (back or forth) to your desired position (the lower the better)
    Tighten both nuts at the same time with both spanners.

    More info HERE
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