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Overpriced service?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by matt_thebaker, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. So my beloved GSX750f has hit the 48,000km mark, so its time for a "major" service. I rang the local bike shop to get a rough quote, and they said it will be somewhere between $400 and $500, and that is with only crappy mineral oil. Ive ben riding for 3 years and havent had such an expensive service before. I just want to know if the local shop is trying to rip me off or is this the normal pricing for a "major"service. Any feedback would be appreciated.Cheers, Matt

  2. doesn't sound too bad to me.

    a major service normally involves checking clearances, replacing plugs, changing all fluids etc...The 24000km major on the Blade was over $650.
  3. For a major service i normally pay $370.00 both for my zx9 and for kazzs zzr600
  4. Thats REALLY cheap have you got a mate doing it? does that include checking valve clearances?
  5. Thats about what I pay for my Blade for a Major
  6. Sounds about right to me, there are really minor, semi-major and major services these days and checking the whole box and dice is mostly over $400 and often lots over.
  7. Same here for my ZZR - float around 300 for "normal" and 600 for major.
  8. With carbie balance, fork oil, suspension linkage grease, new brake fluid, and valve clearances (but is this operation every 2nd service on the GSX?) the price is okay. But find out exactly what specific jobs you're paying for.
  9. I cant remember which model but some of the ZX9 have the easiest valve adjustment system and hance the low cost...
  10. That price was from race replica and kazz just had hers done at inline motorcycles in williamstown
  11. there new

    are they any good?
  12. G'day Matt, good to hear your GSXF's still going strong! Taken it back to the Island lately?

    I've not had to give mine a major service yet, but I agree that you should find out in advance exactly what work they're quoting for. At least you then have enough info to shop around if you think you can do better elsewhere.

    Although 'better' doesn't always equal 'cheaper', of course!
  13. Hi Clive,
    yep the suzuki is going awesome no problems in the 30,000 iver had it for. Unfortunately havent been back to the island :( , but hoping to go down sometime this year. How is your machine going?
  14. Just reading through all this & wondered - doesn't anybody do their own servicing anymore :?:
  15. I own a 95' Triumph with 80k on it & the only time it goes to a dealer is for tyres.

    I do ALL my own servicing/repairs including valves & carbs ,theres no way i'm paying a mechanic $300+ to change the oil.
    When i bought the bike i also got the manual for it so i could do all the maintenance .

  16. Servicing

    I do all my work @ home, servicing, repairs & engine work. I was service manager @ PS Ringwood for 2 years. Racing for 17 years I've built different engines myself. I'm building a workshop @ home & have 4 projects waiting to be started when that's finished.