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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Joleda, May 22, 2014.

  1. :cat:Been a while since I have been on here :) So hello everyone!

    I have been wearing my draggin jeans/normal jeans and thin flimsy work trousers on the bike. I am coming to my senses, and really want a pair of leather armoured motorcycle overpants. The only ones I can find are in USA (on Revzilla and the like) and they want minimum orders of $300 plus extra shipping etc... i just dont want to go there. Does anyone know of any overpants like as stated for around or under $250 in australia, I dont care if they are mens, womens is preferrable but I will take what I can get at this stage. I like the full side zip etc. Google searches are coming up pretty fruitless for me at the moment :wacky:

  2. Revzilla don't apply their minimum - at least for moderate putrchases. I got a pair of leather AGV Sport pants from 'em for around $200. Contact them via e-mail.
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    My everyday commuting overpants are the Joe Rocket Alter Egos, which have a 3/4 length side zip, and zip out waterproof liner - they're not leather though.

    Have worn them every day for the last few years, no probs. I wear the normal suit type work related pants underneath, so its just a matter of zipping them on and off when I leave/arrive.

    Pants themselves are short shower proof, and I've not had any dramas with leaking when I've put the liner in - though it gets damn warm. They have a zip out panel for airflow when its warm.

    They also have a womens fit, which my partner occaisionally wears. No issues with them either, but shes a pillion rather than a rider.

    I can highly recommend them.. however, I'm always frustrated that I cannot get these items in Australia. I purchase them from: http://www.ridersdiscount.com/

    You can get check the sizing from the joe rocket webpage, and then make the order via riders discount. Keep in mind they are sized to be over pants - ie, I get the size would normally get rather than order a size larger.

    I've never managed to find anything similar in Australia, much to my frustration - and I've tried. Now, if they wear out, I just replace them with the same.

    Hope that helps.
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  4. Why not consider armored textile? Much better in the wet and cheaper too.
  5. Only other worthwile thing is doing a group order of things with someone you know to cover the 300 minimum. I would be looking at that and then you split the freight. Win win.
  6. What Bot said, or you could go online, Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket (MCAS) has a special on Bullit Jeans till the end of this month for $149 and $199 each and the freight is pretty cheap. Maybe something to consider.
  7. I remembered on the ride home today my aunty gave me a few bits of her old gear. I looked in the box and there is a pair of leather armoured pants! She is larger than I so they fit over my clothes. Just need to take in the waist so they dont fall down! The armour sits properly if I pull them right up so should be good as long as my stitching holds in the unfortunate event of a spill. Anyone had any experience with gear they have modified to fit?
  8. I have had leather gear altered, it fits well and has been stitched properly so it'll hold up well in the event of a crash. Being in Brisbane you could contact Hi Side leather repair 1300447433 they're at Acacia Ridge. If altering the pants you have doesn't work you could try also try Ricondi, in my experience Andrew often has pants/jackets/suits availalbe other than those advertised on his website he's based at Sumner.
  9. Great thanks :)
  10. You guys really wear normal pants with armoured riding pants over them?
  11. Lol
  12. Hi ya Jolida, stashed away I have a pair of over pants that I bought on a trip to the states. Unfortunately when the dumb ass behind the counter put them in a bag for me she put the size that was too small instead of the right ones. When I got home to ozz I tried them on and no way would they fit. Give me some idea of required size and we may be able to do a deal. They are textiles by the way.
  13. Sorry, but why leather overpants? Why not just leather pants? I wear leathers with skins underneath. If it's wet, I wear overpants (vectors) over the leathers so they don't get wet.
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  14. If your jacket/pants have a zip to join them together, it's best to use it. Don't rely on fitment around your waist, especially when you're getting them fitted to go over other clothes. If you go sliding down the road, and happen to land or turn so you're going head first, the friction between the road and the leather could pull them down, exposing the flimsy work pants to the bitumen. If your pants/jacket don't have a zip to join them (or if they don't match), it's best to get the leather alteration guys to put them in while they're doing the alteration to the waist band. (Y)
  15. I chose leather with armour because I did some research and that's what I decided on pretty much. Overpants style was to wear over my work clothes, because i didnt want to get changed at work. I might eventually get some normal leather pants for weekend riding and such, but I need something to fit over my work clothes for now. The pants I found at home will do the job, @danny_tb@danny_tb The connection zip is the other way around on the pants compared to my jacket :( was the first thing I tried. I altered the pants last night, There was a stretchy material on each side of the waist band that I pulled back in, everything fits great! Havent needed to touch the leather side of it at all!
  16. Just a thought - do they actually need to be overpants? My RST textiles just fit over jeans - when the quilted lining isn't installed. Knee is a little tight under the armour and gets creased, which would be not so good at work. Although you don't have the extra easy exit long zips.
  17. I wasn't questioning the armour, just the overpants. My leathers would probably fit over my work pants anyway bc the work pants are made of a slinky fabric (no creases), but I choose not to wear them under leathers bc sometimes it can get a bit hot and skins are better for that. Or cold, in which case I wear merinos AND skins underneath. Personally, if I was going for overpants I'd go textile bc they're waterproof too. I actually have textile overpants, but they're not armoured bc my leathers already are.

    I also wonder if the road rash I got on my arm after my recent low speed off was bc the jacket sleeve was a bit loose and rotated, grabbing the skin. The pants didn't bc they're tighter. Also, if your pants are loose, the armour will move.

    Anyway, each to their own.
  18. Yep @Greydog@Greydog, rotation of the jacket on impact will do that. More to the point, even just a direct impact will do it! After my first accident, I had the imprint of the perforated jacket lining on my elbow: a nice orderly imprint of compression blisters that perfectly matched the lining material. Of course, that was a heap better than the alternative!
  19. Oh, I had a huge armour shaped bruise on my elbow, along with bruises from just below the shoulder down to the wrist. Very colourful, and damn it hurt!