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Overnighter/Weekender Routes

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Finn, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Doing an Overnighter/Weekender next month and was hoping to find a Thread with a couple of nice proven Weekender Routes/Destinations.
    Bike friendly accommodation etc.

    From what I could find, (several variations entered into the Search window), the Write Ups all seem to be either Long one day rides, such as Hornets 651km ride or Sydney to Melbourne/Round Australia type rides.

    That's all well and good if that's what you're after.
    I love a good long days ride sometimes. I'm (obviously) not yet ready to go round Aus though.

    There doesn't seem to be anything in-between. For "Entry Level Touring".
    Sure there's threads about Camping/fishing, but that's not quite what I'm after.
    I mean a hot meal, hot shower and a warm bed. Do I have to mention cold beer?

    If you guys would kindly share, I'd like to hear of peoples favourite O'Nighter/Weekender rides.
    What Routes, How many Km's, How many days, Where'd you stay, What was it like? Would you take the wife there? etc.

    I'm in Sydney, but surely this info could benefit New Tourers in All States.

    I recall reading posts a few months ago that brushed on it but can't find them now.
    Pretty sure the posts referred to Accomodation in Southern NSW.

    At this point, I'm looking at heading North, North/West.

    All input is very much appreciated.


  2. I did one overnighter just after last xmas.

    Rode Bells Line to Lithgow then on to Mudgee for lunch.

    Mudgee to Singleton. Stayed overnight in a motel in Singleton then came down the Putty Rd the following morning.

    http://benjamin.budgetmotelchain.com.au/ - very nice people own it. We'd been riding in the rain and they offered to wash and dry our gear overnight for us.

    Not overly long or particularly twisty but was a great day and a half on the bike.

    464kms all up according to googlemaps


    Would I take my wife...if I had one I'd not hesitate.
  3. Hey Zaph.
    Long time mate.
    That's one of the routes I had played with in my head. But in reverse.
    Just wasn't sure if it was too short.

    Cheers mate. Thats a big help.
  4. Hey Finn,

    Yeah mate - been keeping a low profile but getting a few things together now :)

    Take a look at - http://www.motowhere.com/ as well.

    Need to catch up mate :)

  5. Thanks Twistngo.
    Checked out the Site. looks very informative.
    Will look at getting that book. I think it's just what I want at this stage.

    Checked out motowhere before I my OP.
    Not a bad site but found it to be pretty much the same. Either around the block, Full day or full week rides.
    Still good to have for ideas though.

    Cheers boys for your replies.
  6. Western Sydney, Windsor, Putty Road; Singleton is around 174kms from Windsor, turn left before Singleton and head to Denman, stay the night there, ride up to Muswellbrook and back to Singleton via the New England Highway, then back down the Putty to home....
  7. Cheers Hornet.