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Overnighter To Mallacoota (first Multiple-day Ride) - Tips?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Coco., Nov 19, 2012.

  1. So my man and I are heading up to Mallacoota in mid-January. We're doing it over two days & staying in Bairnsdale overnight. We went up in a beat up old Renault Fuego a couple of years back. The heat was blistering and the trip took a few hours more than anticipated.

    This time we're taking our time - we want to have the juice to enjoy those twisties on the way into Genoa towards the end - but I'd love some tips from those of you who've travelled up that way.

    It's also my first long trip. Until now, I've only travelled for a maximum of 5-6 hours in one hit. I am anticipating numbness in most fingers, hideous sweat-stains and countless fuel stops...

    Any pointers, anecdotes, warnings would be welcome!
    • Have fun.
    • Stop when you feel sore or tired, fatigue can sneak up on you and it makes you less alert.
    • Take bottled water, be careful of dehydration, this can also sneak up on you in warm weather.
    • Sun burn cream, amazing how much wind burn your face gets.
    • Don't overpack, you don't really need the solid silver martini swizzle sticks.
    • Charging gizmos for your phone or music players if you use them.
    • Check tyre wear and pressures, oil level, brake fluid levels etc on the bike prior to the trip.
    • Pack heavy things at the bottom and light things you need access to, phone, camera, wallet at the top. Amazing how many people get this wrong.
    • A couple of things I always tour with
      • A small torch
      • Swiss Army Knife
      • Gaffer Tape in case of loose fairing bits.
      • Cable ties, again loose bits can be temporarily strapped back on.
      • A small chamois kept moist in a plastic container to clean visors.
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  2. Been lurking in the women-only section, Blabbus? :shifty:
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  3. Watch out for E-Series Falcons. My nephew is around that way and seems a lot go crazy over them and crazy in them.

    Maybe a tyre repair kit.
    I'd go for the Vic equivalent of NRMA Roadside Assist so you are covered if anything does go wrong. That's highly unlikely but even if you just get them out once a year for a flat battery I reckon it's worth it.
  4. Have a long, critical look at your tyres, and if in any doubt replace them NOW. Nothing worse than being 500km from home with the belts showing through, on a Sunday with everything closed.

    Hydration is a must, So are electrolytes - sports drinks have their uses. Some of us have even been known to resort to those nasty 'energy' drinks to get us through the last 200km.

    In extreme heat, a wet t-shirt under your leathers is better than air conditioning, Seriously.

    Get off the main roads wherever practical, but plan your fuel stops carefully. Stay off rural roads at night if you can (wildlife is dangerous).
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  5. PoPo loves that stretch of road after Orbost, play safe and avoid getting your piccy took.
  6. Basically what others wrote.

    I'll just add that a 'hydropack' or similar is a good idea allows you to sip on water without having to stop, but you need to be careful. Over hydrating can be as bad as dehydrating.
  7. I loved the stretch from Lakes Entrance to Cann River and the bit to Eden is good as well, beautiful scenery and nice windy road without being too twisty. You do need to watch out for animals on the road, I saw a motorcycle on a tow truck that had encountered a deer, I never saw the deer, but the motorcycle was in a bad way.

    On a recent trip down that way I stayed at Tamboo Lodge, it's just 35 kms further on from Bairnsdale and 8kms from Lakes Entrance but a nice spot in the countryside. Also had a pool & spa which might be nice if it's a hot day, other than that I'd stay in Lakes Entrance where there are plenty of places to eat plus the beach. Bairnsdale is just a big town.
  8. Thanks for all the pointers guys. Keep them coming! :happy:
  9. Come back via the Imlay rd and then the Monaro to Cann River. Going Down go via Noojee and the Willowgrove rd. Stay off the Princes Hwy as much as possible, go via Hayfield and Maffra.