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Overnight tours in the south of NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by philfromaccounting, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Hi Team,

    I'm working in the southern highlands of NSW for the next 12 months or so; and rather mull around on the weekends wishing I was home, I've decided to bring my bike down from QLD.

    Armed with a light hiking tent and sleeping bag, I'm planning to do regular weekend overnighters in search of great roads, great views, and great places.

    The base of operations will be Bowral. Rough candidate rides I've identified so far are
    - The south coast via princes hwy, I have only been as far south as Jervis Bay before.
    - The central coast then back through Putty rd.
    - Over the blue mountains and back through Oberon etc.
    - Something around the snowys before it gets too cold.

    Any suggestions, recommendations or advice on the above or other rides I could do?

    The steed in question is a CBR600RR, so I'm probably a masochist. I've got a kriega tail pack and young bones so I think I'll be ok.

    Cheers, Greg
  2. All I can say is Elliot Way, get on it! 20 km east of Tumbarumba through to Cabramurra and Kiandra, then south to Khancobin or north to Tumut, great for a weekend run, just get it done before it gets cold - pack a jumper, you'll be right, fantastic roads.
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  3. Make sure you head down to Batemans Bay. The Princes HWY is terrible in the tourist season, but a nice drive when there's no traffic. From the Bay, head up to Braidwood. The Kings highway between the Bay and Braidwood is fantastic. Be warned, the Clyde mountain is treacherous.
    Pushing further south, a nice drive/ride to be had down the coast to Bega through Narooma/Bermagui/Tathra. From Bega, the Snowy Mountains HWY up Brown Mountain is a doozy also.

    Be quite a trek on a CBR.
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  4. Bowral - Kangaroo Valley - Nowra - Nerriga - Oallen - Goulburn - Bowral. take a break at he Nerriga pub.
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  5. If you can wrangle a day off and have a long W/E you could ride down the coast to the Bega valley (make sure you take the Bermagui-Tathra Road). There is free camping in some of the towns, or there are a ton of caravan parks with camping spots.

    From there you can do the Bonang Road (Delegate to Orbost) and back in a day. Return to Bowral the next day. Would be an epic three days...

    I wouldn't recommend doing it over Easter, it's a clusterfcuk down here - Half of bloody Canberra heads down for a last swim before it's too cold
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  6. Depending on when you START living down in Bowral, why not do the Jindabyne weekender, 12th of March, etc?
    Also, of course, the Macquarie Pass, Kangaroo Valley, Nowra, Kiama, Jamberoo loop.....
  7. And watch for backpackers, 4WD and oldies towing vans (even though they shouldn't be) rounding bends in the middle or more on your side of the road. It is particularly of concern from the Link rd at Selwyn down the hill to the power station.
  8. Thanks guys, some great suggestions!

    This looks like an awesome ride. I can knock off work early on a Friday and get most of the way to Bega.

    I'm down here now, bike is coming down this coming weekend. However the weekend of the 12th I'm busy unfortunately...

    I'll keep an eye out for any coming rides in this part of the world.

    Very familar with the Macquarie Pass and Kangaroon Valley loop as I lived down here for a bit a few years ago, went more than a few times in my old Focus XR5, great drive.
  9. Think I might try this one first! Might aim for the 19th/20th Mar but more than likely will be the weekend after Easter.

    Either way I'm in the market for a warmer jacket, my perforated leather Berik jacket was great for QLD but over the coming months maybe not so much.
  10. Above 1100 mts it seemed to get cold very quickly when I was there a month ago so just be prepared to rug up (y)
  11. i Team,

    Back from my first weekender. Started heading south east from Bowral through Kangaroo Valley, unfortunately left around lunchtime which meant the roads in and out of the valley were full of Land Rovers/Audis/BMWs with their two and a half kids in the back trundling along at 30kph gawking at the landscape. Oh well.

    Hit Nowra then down to Bateman's Bay where I sampled the windy section of Kings Highway up to Clyde Mountain... this was a good road. I picked a good time, it was mid afternoon and traffic was very quiet going westbound (although busy eastbound). Smooth tarmac the entire way with mostly flowing sweepers you could take at 70-90kph, with some harpins and sharp corners thrown in for good measure. Shame it was all over in 30 mins and I turned around to join the caravaners heading back to the coast.

    Quick blat down the princes highway and stopped for the night just north of Bega. Got going nice and early, and after a coffee and some fuel in Bega headed for the snowy mountains highway. Not as smooth as Kings (in fact some bad corrugations near the start of the windy section) but much tighter corners and a great view up the top.

    Kept going towards Cooma, awesome looking landscape through here, with the mountains in the background and treeless undulating fields with tufts of that alpine grass. Stopped to take a photo but my phone had died :-(. The road followed those undulations so was a bit of fun as well just north of the speed limit.

    Took the Monaro to Queanbeyan and the back way to Goulburn through Tarago, then the Hume back to Bowral. Wasn't terribly exciting, and the supersport cramps started up on the way.

    All in all had a great time, the CBR was sublime on the twisty stuff, but a bit unforgiving outside of that. May think about a more-suited steed...

    Some happy snaps for those playing along at home!

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  12. G'day PhilPhil, thanks for posting about the first of your tours in the region and the photos of what I know to be beautiful places with a big contrast between the coastal fringe and the higher plains towards Cooma.

    The size of the eucalypts where you camped looked impressive - what was the camp ground near Bega you camped at? Also, any idea of what bike you might switch to? And where do you think your next trip will take you?
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  13. Great report, and a great weekend away.
    I grew up in Nelligen (your second picture) yet didn't get into bikes until well after I'd left home. Been back only once with the bike, and only got to do the Clyde on it. To say I'm jealous is an understatement. (y)
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  14. #14 philfromaccounting, Apr 3, 2016
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    It was about 45 mins before Bega at Bodalla Forest, just one of those rest areas off the highway. Did the job although somewhere with a view and a bit quieter would have been nice... unfortunately I couldn't find much else close to Bega that wasn't accessed by unsealed roads or free.

    Not sure yet but I'm hoping to maybe head off for three days into the snowys themselves. I'd like to do the Kosciuszko summit walk once I figure out how to secure my things... as the walk takes around 8 hours. There's some good campsites nearby too :). My camping gear is really lightweight so might throw it into a backpack.

    I'm really not sure which bike I'd want. Something still relatively light and sporty, maybe a FZ1 or a naked with a windscreen.

    Nice, that was a good little spot! The river looked awesome the pics didn't do it justice.

    As a road, I liked clyde mountain more than brown mountain, I was power wheelie-ing out of all the hairpins on the way up, great fun :D
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  15. Many fond memories on that river mate. Plan is to get back and settle down there one day. :happy:

    Agreed. I could count the amount of times I've done Brown mountain on one hand. The Clyde... not so much. I couldn't even guess. The surface has improved drastically in the 30 odd years I've been going up and down it. Done it countless times in old and new fast Fords (RS2000 Escort, GT Capri, XR6 Turbos, TE50) and Subarus (99 WRX and 06 STI) It is a blast in a good car, and was a blast on my old SFV650. Can't wait to take my STR home when I get a chance. It is a great stretch of road with a perfect mix of flowing bends and tight technical hairpins. :woot:
  16. It is a fantastic walk; I've done it several times over the past ten years or so. The most recent was a guided sunset walk from Thredbo in January 2013 - riding the chairlift to ~1,900 metres above sea level late in the afternoon then walking the ~6.5 kilometres to reach the 2,228-metre Mt Kosciuszko summit in time to view sunset then a return walk under the stars to the chairlift where a ranger's Troop Carrier returns you to the village below. There was a couple in our group who'd travelled from Melbourne on a Can-Am Spyder which afforded them quite a bit of secure luggage capacity - nice work with your minimalist, super-sport touring packing!

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  17. Great report. Thanks for sharing it.
    I love Kangaroo Valley. Most weekends I head that way from Blacktown to Sanctuary Point.
    The best time I have found it about 9am to head South through there.It gives the road a little bit of time to dry and traffic is reduced then too.
  18. Cool photo, probably not a good idea for me to stick around to sunset but would be great to do one day. I'll probably head to the summit from Charlotte Pass, which seems to be around the 6-8 hour return mark, does this sound about right? I can camp at Island bend just down the road, and post summit walk I might stump up for a hotel in Jindabyne so I can shower and pull up a saddle at the local pub.

    Great bit of road, it's 15-20 mins from my front door. Early Sunday mornings are a good time for a blat through there at this time of year. You're at Kiama at 8:30am for a coffee, and back to Macquarie Pass before it gets too busy.
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  19. That sounds good. I haven't walked from Charlotte Pass to Kosciuszko before but friends of mine have made it a day walk so 6-8 hours sounds about right; I think it is an 18-kilometre return journey.
  20. Take care arriving to late at the Crackenback Chair if you are doing the Summit from Thredbo.Miss the last chair and its maybe another 5ks down to the Village.I hadn't heard about the sunset trip and the Rangers 4 wheel lift down before.I wouldnt like to do that 5ks in the dark.The time I did it there was maybe 20 people hanging around down behind the rocks out of the wind,that wind is deadly off The Main Range,I always wondered what they were waiting for.