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overnight homework for pre-learner course.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nake., Jan 19, 2009.

  1. a couple questions i dont understand, "list some things you could wear that would enable you to be comfortable when riding."

    is that just correct fitting gear?


    "when using the front brake, the motorcycle should be upright with the handlebars straight.

    What are the other parts of the key phrase? "

    one is See Up, one is S _ _ _ _ _ E...very confused.

    if anyone could help me i would love it, and will credit you to the instructor :D


  2. Slacker :p

    Your first Q and A is correct. Just list what gear you would wear. You could even include thermals if riding in cold climates :wink:

    The second one should have been drilled into you by the end of the first day. Just think really hard, you might have to squeeze the answer out :shock: :LOL:
  3. Its Set up and Squeeze, not See up.

    And the first questions is things like Gloves, warm jacket, et weather gear if its raining. Comfortable shoes and pants etc. Anything which makes you comfortable, not so much safety gear.
  4. See up?

    Lucky they wont mark it mate.
    I would not tell the guy you had to get the answers online however....

  5. Hey, the 16 y.o guy's plainly stressed and came to you lot for some help!
    I'm sure Nake meant "look up", set up and squeeze

    Take it steady Nake, you'll be fine :)
  6. nope... hehehe did the same question a few weeks back and it had blanks in it:

    S_ _ UP, S _ _ _ _ _ E

    So he really needed to pay attention a bit more carefully. All good though, as it's not something that you are actually tested on. Just a reminder to process info that you are given on the day.
  7. ok guys thanks heaps,

    I'll have to concentrate alot more today, I didnt sleep well the night before yesterday, so i was a bit tired....so excited / nervous :roll:
  8. dont stress mate.

    if your in newy (adamstown), those trainers will help you out with whatever you need. good blokes/chicks the lot of them.
  9. i catch the train down the tuggerah so i can get my ls a week earlier, and become more comfortable on the road before school goes back :). Couldnt book any at adamstown till 27th
  10. Just write in "lingerie". If they mark it wrong make a complaint of discrimination :LOL:.

    I believe STOPPIE is the word you're looking for there ;).
  11. SPD UP = speed Up
    Stoppie for your other one..

    if you can do one with the cb250 .. i'll give you 20bucks
  12. hey guys, i'm stuck on one of these phrases, probably something easy but minds gone blank.

    the phrase for moving off starting with M & ends with S?

    & the 6 postures, is the s one shoulders?

  13. Mirrors, Head Check

    Not shoulders - Seat or sit forward

    Enjoy day 2!
  14. Hey All,

    I have just been to the first day of my L's course as well and have the same questionnaire. I am stuck on one question: Keeping your head up assists in balancing the motorcycle. How can you, look down to check the surface, controls, and mirrors, whilst keeping your head up? The instructor drilled it into me today regarding keeping my head up and now I dont know how to answer this question, apart from writing that you should check all those things before even getting on the bike or starting it. I would appreciate if someone could help me out.

  15. you look down moving your eyes only, not your head. its a quick glance.
  16. Thanks for your reply. I passed my second & first day, then when and did the knowledge test which took me about 7 to 10min to complete and I got 100%. I own a yamaha virago and I have been loving it. Went for a ride around some of the back streets to where I live and brushed up on a few skills, then decided to go for a bit of a night-ride. Looking forwards to further riding.
  17. Hey good stuff. Sounds like you've ridden before? Welcome back to riding. Should check out the learners sessions at Homebush.
  18. Hi Everyone, I am a newbie to riding business. Went for my L's last week at Rosehill (day one) and was asked to come back for extra two hour session since I needed more practice with my clutch and throttle control? didn't find the instructor that compassionate of training a COMPLETELY newbie (never ridden before) to try and at least teach me how to change gears or to use clutch and throttle. Anyways I was happy that i was able to get a two hours riding session.

    I was wondering if anyone can help with my pre-learner course questionnaire. I am actually stuck on question 10). list from feet to head the six posture points.


    please help :(
  19. #19 Justin Stacks, Mar 2, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2014
    Hi Roops,

    The answers are:


    You can thank me by taking me out for a coffee ;)

    BTW - Please introduce yourself in the intro thread.

    I'm sure many of us want to know more about you as you have a good looking white and pink Ninja and you're all suited up in nice fitting leathers.

    Please let us know if you're hot…forum etiquette :p
  20. Any one help me pls? the key phrase used when moving off is, Fast Idle, Friction Point, Rear Brake?
    M _ _ _ _ _ S Can you guys fill up for me ?
    Another one, Keeping your head up assists in balancing the motorcycle, How can you, look down to check the surface, controls and mirrors, whilst keeping your head up ?
    Thanks darling you guys.