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Overnight Dunedoo Run: 21-22 April

Discussion in 'NSW' started by NiteKreeper, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. As discussed elsewhere I need a shakedown run after my recent taste of pavement, and 21-22 April seems like the first likely target.
    I plan to run up to Dunedoo with a fresh pair of jocks & socks in a backpack, get pissed at the pub and then cruise home the following day after passing out on whatever flea-bitten excuse for a mattress I can find there.
    All are welcome to join :D
    The most likely route is shown here, but like most of my rides I really don't care and we'll go wherever the wind blows (or wherever we get lost at...).
    All aboard Kreeper's Pain-Train!

  2. Good stuff Northerner - plenty of time too, so hopefully there will be others.
    Just so we're clear though, Dunedoo is just the direction we're headed - frankly the place looks like a hole on Google Maps, so we may pull up short or even go as far as Coonabarabran; it just depends on the conditions and how thirsty we get...
  3. Dunny = toilet; doo = crap.

    Wouldn't have called it that if it was a wondrous place, methinks.
  4. From here: http://about.nsw.gov.au/view/suburb/Dunedoo/
  5. Such a shame.
  6. Ahh the Dunedoo Hotel! I paid $25 for a room there ,the publican at the time was a rider, locked our bikes up in the shed round the back, top bloke! Great upstairs verandah to relax on with a beer. Just watch out for the feisty blue heeler on the ute out the back! :)
  7. OK so I've done some poking around the maps, and here's a rough itinerary:

    Saturday morning, approx 9am: meet and leave from Wilberforce
    Saturday lunch: Denman Hotel
    Saturday evening: many beers and sleep at a semi-country pub (hint: it's not at Dunedoo ;))
    Sunday morning: late breakfast and cruise home, with lunch at Lithgow. I estimate arrival at Richmond no later than 2pm...
  8. I might be able to make this. Sounds fun.

    /starts saving beer money
  9. Do we make an agreement on spooning now? Where are the limits on this? Boys on the road and all that.
  10. "What goes on tour..."

    And besides, I'm always the big spoon...
  11. #12 87crisis, Mar 20, 2012
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    might be keen on this - seems like a sod off size trip tho...is it worthwhile trying to wobble along after you or can i expect you all off somewhere in the "danger zone" (legalities? i own a 250...i can bend the law at best)


    edit - actually google mapped it...i should be down - i'll see if i can get a old NR mate involved aswell...i'm sure he can either weasel a bike out of westerns for the weekend or i'll chuck in for him to rent one ...as for the hotel - if the rooms are plentyfull then all good - otherwise i'll take a swag and kick it somewhere close by - by the end of it i honestly won't give a crap where i sleep !
  12. While I'm a little wary that 87crisis waited for the spooning situation to be announced before joining in, this is starting to look like a bit of fun!
    And don't worry - while I'm loathe to actually book anything, I'll make sure there's enough beds before we leave.
  13. me being a sexual predator aside...looking through some of the accommodation options for dunedoo (bugger all except for the main hotel being piss cheap) and mudgee (alot more options but some are just stupidly priced...) being out bush there seem to be a fair few holiday houses up ...namely some on a couple hundred acres - netrider drinks n bbq in the middle of nowhere? just something else that might be worth looking into - also makes it alot easier if numbers on this blow out and a couple people just drag tents along

    either way if you hadn't already checked - easiest option for finding places so far seems to be the visitnsw website as gives atleast a rough description of what the place is along with a price guide and crappy picture or two.
  14. Not a bad idea at all mate, and something I've got up my sleeve - my union runs a hoilday house somewhere around Port Macquarie, and it's pretty cheap for a week.
    Just a roughie now, but I'm thinking I'll take the missus up for a few days, then send her home and open the house to the rabble for the weekend..
  15. keep us posted...you the boss hoss' !! now my dogs deprived me of a nights sleep and finally fallen asleep next to me...time to get my spoon on - night.
  16. Sounds like a good base for some Oxley runs.
  17. Now we're talking ;)
  18. Sounds like I should move this from the "this might be an idea" pile, to the "let's do it" list.
    War plans shall be made over beer on this run...
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  19. Bumpetty bump...

    This ride is still happening folks, in case anyone else is interested? Only 2 of us confirmed so far, but hopefully [MENTION=32684]tiggers[/MENTION] will get leave, and will [MENTION=36021]Alison1474[/MENTION] be back?