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VIC Overland Quits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Simon Overland has just resigned.

    The Age

  2. Re: [Vic] Assistant Police commissioner Sir Ken Jones resigns

    Interesting :-k
  3. FUck you Wonderland you lying flea infested filth.
  4. Re: [Vic] Assistant Police commissioner Sir Ken Jones resigns

    Oh Gawd..............
    Ken Lay takes over for now.....
    We'll all need help if it's permanent....
  5. Re: [Vic] Assistant Police commissioner Sir Ken Jones resigns

    If only they could get Sir Ken to come back....?
  6. Re: [Vic] Assistant Police commissioner Sir Ken Jones resigns

    They say it's about the crime stats, but I think it's about this.

    (knowledge of, not necessarily participation in.)
  7. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/overland-falls-on-his-sword-20110616-1g4oe.html

    UPDATE Chief Commissioner Simon Overland has resigned.

    Premier Ted Baillieu made the announcement at a press conference at 12.30pm today.

    Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay will serve as acting Chief Commissioner.

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    Simon Overland. Photo: Craig Abraham

    Police Association secretary Greg Davies was surprised to learn of Mr Overland’s decision.

    He said he had only just heard the announcement when contacted by The Age.

    "It’s certainly a decision of significance," Mr Davies said.

    Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay will step into the breach.

    "We weren’t expecting this announcement from the Premier and Deputy Premier".

    Mr Davies said he would have more to say at a press conference later this afternoon.

    Mr Overland's resignation comes after months of turmoil in Victoria Police, which included the resignation of deputy chief commissioner Ken Jones.

    Deputy Premier and Police Minister Peter Ryan said Mr Overland offered his resignation during discussions last night.

    Mr Ryan said he had a discussion with Mr Overland and the police commissioner said he would offer his resignation.

    "The chief commissioner of police, in the course of the discussions with me, indicated his intention to submit his resignation and that is what he has done," he said.

    "We respect the fact of his having taken that decision, we reached mutual agreement with him."

    Mr Ryan said he spoke to Mr Overland after he received a copy of the Ombudsman’s report into crime statistics and held talks with the Premier yesterday.

    "The Government concluded that the report presented issues in relation to the management of Victoria Police that were of serious concern," Mr Ryan said.

    "Accordingly, I spoke with the Chief Commissioner and advised him of the Government’s concerns.

    "The Government and Chief Commissioner came to a mutual agreement that it was appropriate for the Chief Commissioner to resign."

    Mr Ryan thanked Mr Overland for his service.

    Just before Mr Baillieu's announcement, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews gave his support to Mr OVerland.

    Mr Andrews said the Ombudsman's report cleared the previous Labor government of pressuring police to release the figures.

    He said Mr Brouwer's report left in tatters the coalition’s claims the Labor government pressured Mr Overland to release the statistics.

    "No member of the former government did anything that was inappropriate," he said.

    Mr Andrews said Mr Overland had been up front about the fact he made a mistake releasing the crime figures early but had done nothing to warrant the government’s campaign to undermine him.

    "I don’t think there is anything in this report that would justify the campaign to undermine Simon Overland and his office," he said.

    "Nor do I think there is anything in this report that should see the government lose confidence in Simon Overland."
  8. Ken Lay acting chief..
    Not sure exactly what that will bring.
  9. Re: [Vic] Assistant Police commissioner Sir Ken Jones resigns

    It seems the Herald Sun has an unbiased poll up already ;)


    HS link until they correct the error :D
  10. Re: [Vic] Assistant Police commissioner Sir Ken Jones resigns

    Announcement from the premier's office- We have built a new and improved revenue machine, it has passed the testing phase so we will be decommissioning the old model forthwith.

  11. Yes but this deserves a new thread.
  12. Oh well, maybe a switched on Moderator could move the other posts over here, just to make it more sensible?

  13. Too hard I'll lock this and rename the other one.
  14. All overlord post condensed to Flux's thread.
  15. Bwahahahaha.......I was wondering how I started a new thread flaming Wonderland......I thought I broke the internet!!!!
  16. Re: [Vic] Assistant Police commissioner Sir Ken Jones resigns

    That is internet GOLD sir!!!!!

    p.s. Fuck you Herald Sun you lying filthy flea infested dog bothering scumbags.
  17. Pushed, and rightly so
  18. can someone please explain for the rest of us why thats a biased poll?

    ps. congratulations victorians... hopefully they'll put someone in that doesn't use the office to discriminate against a certain group of people. Any group of people.
  19. I do hope that was sarcasm, ninja...