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Overighter ???

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by kingy, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys

    looking for an overnighter trip for myself and the misses..

    looking like 2-4hrs away from sydney for somewhere both fun but relaxing ...

    any ideas ????

  2. .... Overighter eh?.....Need to try a little more left there!!....:bolt:
  3. maybe we can do a vic/nsw riders meet up

  4. Sofala/Hill End is a nice little place to visit.... Although I'm not sure of the excitement factor.... The Entrance is relaxing by the water.... or somewhere around Kangaroo Valley or Morton National Park... or alternatively the Hunter Valley
  5. You listing the itinery for "Tweets BDSM Tour of NSW".... :LOL:
  6. ..... That will be placed in the EOI section soon!!!.....:cheeky:
  7. oooh can I come? PLEASE? i'll bring company ;)
  8. Assuming you haven't already done it a million times, Bells of Line rd to the Blue Mountains where you can go canyoning followed by a spa treatment :)
  9. If you want to go a little further, try temora they have the great aviation msuem and flying days
  10. i just did hill end and SOFALA 4 weeks ago lol... i have also done bells line of road a few times.. my Aunty use to own Kangeroo valley pub so i was always down there lol... ummm The Entrance you say mmm. i thought maybe Ulladulla or Batemans bay ??? is there any good rides around this area ??
  11. If ya haven't been to Forster Tuncurry you haven't lived
  12. been to foster in the car before. great spot up there.. we stayed right next to the bridge on the north side in a block of apartments.. great spot and ok fishing aswell...
  13. Mudgee is a nice ride and a great spot for an overnighter!! Or maybe Kiama...
  14. yeh when i did the sofala trip i stayed in Mudgee for 2 nights.. i have relos there lol... kiama is like 20min away from my work lol..
  15. ..... Wolgan Valley/Newnes..... That's my last offer!! ... Lol.....[-(
  16. Bermagui - A bit further than 2 - 4 hrs (more like 5 - 5 1/2) But it's a good ride down and there are some really nice local roads. Take a day off and make a long W/E out of it.
  17. But the roads are boring, really really boring.
  18. Yep but they have a spitfire
  19. But the roads are really really really boring. It's alright though, you won't fall asleep, because they are in shyte condition.
  20. :rofl: So there typical of our road system.

    i'm still planning on riding out to see a flying day sometime, then maybe extending the ride home to duck back into the snowies