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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gabak, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. Hi all just got my new bike (zx2-r) and when i ride it most of the time the thermo fan kicks in is this normal or is there something wrong with my bike or my riding style. when i had my gpx 250 it came on very rarely.

  2. Does seem unusual but then that'll depend on how/where you ride. Definately worth checking the coolant level both in the overflow reservoir and the radiator itself.
  3. yeah i have checked all that coolant is fine nice and green and full overflow is on correct level it. tempreture sits half way and it comes on and off frequently
  4. Is there an air pocket in the cooling system?

    I know when I change the coolant/water in my car. I top the water up, leave the cap off the reservoir, start the engine and wait for it to reach normal operating temp, wait for the thermostat to kick in and see if there air pockets, watch the water level drop and top up from there.

    Is this how the bike experts do it, same as a cooling system on a car?
  5. Yeah there was a thread recently on airlocks and overheating, that's what I was getting at by checking both the overflow and the radiator itself.

    If it's not an airlock causing the engine to overheat it could be that the thermostat is faulty - either it's not opening and allowing the engine to cool or it's causing the fan to kick in too early.
  6. Not sure about your problem, but I have a water cooled twin cylinder and I've noticed my thermal fan cutting in and out quite often, but only when I spend more time than usual in traffic waiting at lights etc. Apart from that it doesnt normally kick in so I just figure it's all good... :)
  7. Thanks JD

    I misssed that thread.

    Amazing what you can find with the search button. :wink:
  8. I had a similar problem with my GPX recently.
    It was overheating, so I took it to a shop in the country (bad idea, they know dirt bikes but don't have a clue with road bikes) who changed the thermo fan sensor and the radiator cap, then when I took it back, they took out the thermostat and called it 'fixed'.
    A friend told me to check the waterpump which was cactus, so I ended up replacing that myself and changing the waterpipes - better, but still overheating.
    Sharptune in Dandenong looked at it and replaced the header tanks on the radiator. There was so much stuff in them that the coolant couldn't get through and flushing the system couldn't remove it.
    So after a couple of months in the cage, I have my bike back..... just in time for the rainy Melbourne winter