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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kurtis_Strange, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. Ok so got the new bike, 03 GSXR 600...

    Rode it home the day I picked it up and it was throwing off alot of heat, the temp went up to 106c and the fans kicked in...I was riding it like an old lady though and probably will do for some time yet, until I get used to it.

    But damn it was throwing off some heat! I called the guy when I got home and asked him what the normal running temp was and he said about 76, as I said I was up to 106 and the fans had kicked in.

    I asked him why this was and he said "bike needs air to keep it cool, at low speeds its not running enough air through it"

    I just putted around the block for about 10mins today at around 50-60 km/hr and the temp was already up to 88...

    I've checked and it is a liquid cooled bike, so is this normal for it to get so hot so quick at low speeds?

  2. Have you tried riding it the higher speed to see how the heat is then? The increased airflow may help dissipitate the heat.
  3. dunno bout your bike in particular but mine gets up and around a hundred very quickly on a warm day when in traffic... soon as it gets to 100 the twin thermos kick in and knock it back down...

    Definately need airflow to keep it down. Does it stabilise at just over a hundred or does it get hotter and hotter?
  4. well no, I haven't had the opportunity as yet as I am restricted to round the block riding until I get the licence sorted.

    But its a bit of a concern, as while I plan on doing alot of open road riding this bike will be my sole transport for whatever I need to do, ie getting to work as well.
  5. Well it doesnt sound like to much of a drama if its only reached 106... if it keeps rising really quickly after that and the fans kicked in id swich her straight off and get it checked out... But again i dunno whats considered the norm for that bike so im not a 100%
  6. most liquid cooled bikes ive had get pretty upset about sitting in traffic or ridden slow .... i wouldnt worry too much till you can take it on a decent ride
  7. just went for another blat, took it out on to a main road so i could get some speed up....and went screaming past a parked cop car in a 60 zone at about 75!

    Luckily there was noone in it, but that was enough to curb my curiousity for today...temp is hovering around 88 so I guess that is the case. I won't really be able to tell until I go for a proper ride.

    Are sports bikes typically hotter bikes (as in heat) to ride than tourers or naked bikes?
  8. Sounds perfect. Just to make sure, check your coolant level (green bottle, behind clutch-side fairing) make sure it is at full when the bike is COLD. :wink:

    Nice bike BTW.. :twisted: Any mods??
  9. stabilises at 106, I haven't seen it go over that.
  10. Yeah its got aftermarket tinted screen, clear indicators and yoshi pipe.

    I'm hopefully going to get some pics up this weekend
  11. I wouldnt stress too much if its not completely at the full level.... Long as its not under the low mark. Most places that service bikes and cars seem to fill it halfway between these marks anyways...
  12. hey Asto do you have Oggy Knobs on your bike?

    If so did you get the brackets or have the fairing cut?
  13. hey Kurt, I think you should bring it down to my place for me to conduct an exhaustive series of tests on its radiator; perhaps a couple of rides up and down Macquarie Pass. All in the name of legitimate research, of course..... :p
  14. but of course... :p

    man I'm a round the block kid at the mo but I'm already gettin all twitchy and wanting to wind it on...still haven't taken the revs past 7000 yet
  15. The temp will get hot if you are potting around slowly. In traffic expect it to rise to at least the 105-110 mark if stoppped but once you get goin it come down to about the 70's. Obviously most bikes work on air flow through the radiator to keep them cool as the fans are just not bike enough on a bike to cool it down like a car.

    Coolant rises the boiling point of the water so it aint overheating until it hits about the 130 - 150 mark i think. If someone knows the exact temp please correct me.
  16. thanks mate, I was waiting to hear your comment on this
  17. Fans on my bike have no dramas stuck in traffic on a 35 degree day, always keep it around 100.

    My manual for the r6 says anything upto 116 is ok but over that the warning light comes on and they reccomend to return the bike to idle and if it doesnt lower then stop the bike. Anything over 140 is really bad and it will display "Hi" in which case you should also stop the bike immediately and allow to cool.
  18. At 1:1 mixture, coolant boiling point is 130 degree's.
  19. Yep I've got Oggy Knobs fitted, and no holes drilled or brackets used, but as mine is pre-2000 it may differ from yours.
    To find out look at where the engine bolts are on the upper end of the frame (below tank) and if you cannot replace those with Crash Bungs without cutting or using a bracket then theres your answer. I'm going to a mates place tonight for drinks, I'll have a look at his (2003 600) and report back tomorrow if ya want.
  20. Yeah that would be great Asto.

    The dealer I spoke to reckons with my model you have to cut unless you use brackets, which he strongly advises against as he says they are not as solid as the direct screw ins.

    Says you cannot even see the tiny cut in the fairing as its covered by the knob. I'm interested to hear from anyone thats had that done.?

    Re 106 temp, even if this is ok, is it just me or does that temp throw alot of heat off the bike? I'll have to keep the speed up this summer so I don't melt :?

    I wonder if that would fly with a cop who pulled you over for speeding :p