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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by morgan000, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. hey guys,

    I have a 99 model R6 and took it for a ride today. Wasnt hot, the weather was around 28 degrees but whilst stuck at the light for a while, the temperature on the bike was creeping up beyond 100 degrees. it even got to 108 degrees and then the fan started kicking in. Is this normal because I was shitting myself. Even the seat was getting a little bit hot.

    Is it normal or should I have it checked out?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes normal operation, if the temperature drops again when the fans kick in then the cooling system is working OK. If the temp continues to rise then there may be a problem. For peace of mind you may want to check the coolent level that about all.
  3. Have you had your bike long? If your used to car's etc, those numbers can be very worrying but apparently its normal on the sports :p
  4. Bro I have a 00 model (same sht) thats normal, fan comes on at 105, it functions ok up to 120 after that its gonna conk out. But yeah it cools down pretty quick once it comes on. First time It hit like 106 i was like uh oh, did some research and its normal.
  5. Had the same worries on my v-strom. As mentioned previously if the temp gets high and then drop slightly when the fan comes on then you will be fine. If it just keeps climbing the there may be a problem.
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  7. thats good to know, i was really worried there.

    Thanks alot for your replies.

    Just out of curiosity, how many k's do u get to a tank? I havent had the bike long and I filled up today and from the last tank I got 145 k's before the fuel light came on. I mean its been sitting in the backyard for a week or so, dont know if the fuel evaporated or its normal for those k's. I'll be interested to hear from you Dupster and everyone else too just to make a comparison.
  8. Yup when i just got the gsxr750 same worry. Still find it suprising how bloody hot the seat and engine gets. All part of having a sports bike.

    And yes unfortunately reserve light will go on after 150km-180km, depending on how you ride of course.

    My tanks 16L and reserve will go on when i've used 13L.

    13L : 160km
    8.13L : 100km.......i think that's normal.
  9. you must be riding hard to chew through fuel like that.

    my R1 gets around 6.5L/100km thru the twisties riding at a semi-aggresive pace. at the track it will reach the fuel light after about 120-130km, hahaha!
  10. Yeah I get about 8litres/100kms on the blade.

    You are doing it wrong if you don't use more then 7 imo :)
  11. i dont really thrash the thing because i use it for work on occasions and i work in the city so no open roads to give it a good hit. i'm usually anywhere between 4000 and 7000 rpm. but i tend to get to it quickly lol.