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Overheating problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by es, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Having trouble getting it off by myself. Its cracked, and I want to replace it before I go road trip on monday. (Have replacment already)
    Been meaning to put this post up for awhile :LOL:

    So, anyone round fairfield with some muscles ready to rip off my LHS exhaust?
  2. rofl

    dude thats really mean!

  3. Have you hit it with some sort of anti rust agent or WD40 to loosen it up?
  4. nope; that would help of course... but the main problem is lack of tools. I have nothing but a pair of pliers. Altough.... might have a spanner of suitable size in bike toolkit. thanks for the suggestion :)
  5. Yeah i'll be home soon to rip it off.
  6. :LOL:
  7. thanks stud... :wink: going to "borrow" some tools from work too?
    "macho macho macho man... I really really need a macho man..." no voulenteers?
  8. No macho men here, might be a few wearing chaps, or if your lucky, dressed in indian costume. :p
  9. Re: I need someone to rip off my exhust.

  10. Re: I need someone to rip off my exhust.

    Ive been waiting for that interpretation :p
  11. Sad, but true incitatus
  12. dude.... unlike you I have no need to do it myself...
    refer to sig :p
  13. Seriously it doesnt matter if a bloke had ten women a day, wed STILL do it by ourselves :wink:
  14. Best way to get your exhaust off if you have no tools is to hook it around a lamp-post and then ride off.

    [well, it worked for me in the car once]
  15. i'll bring over some WD-40 over later. I'm sure between me and the Mr. Universe contender we should have no probs :p
  16. rofl I might leave that one for someone else to try... my bike has been beaten up enough :p
  17. I could steal a hammer from work and smash it ?
  18. Eswen, why don't you just buy a Harley and wait a couple of weeks for it to fall off all by itself?
  19. rofl, you can solve my 1337 problem while you are here :p
    oh wait... i wont be here later... sexpo ;)