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Overheating on highway

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by DAF1979, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Hi people, I purchased a 2005 ZX6R with 40k on the the clock recently on to find that it overheats (119 degrees C ) on the highway!

    What I do find strange is that the cooling system works in traffic or even sitting in the garage for an extended time.

    #Full akrapovic exhaust, power commander

    What ya think??8-[

  2. I dont really have any good idea, but ill take a stab at it...
    Assuming the coolant is good, no blockages, good pump pressure etc etc... (big assumption when theres cooling problems i guess!).... but holding constant higher revs to cruise... maybe the plugs are too hot? Likely that would be a problem in traffic too though... my first and sadly only thought.
  3. Overheating at higher speeds smacks of retarded ignition timing, but quite why or how it would go out on a modern bike is a mystery to me.
  4. i used to have a cage that did this.... i turned out to be the thermal fan not shutting off at high way speeds
  5. Could a bad powercommander map do this? Try pulling it off (if practical), then retesting.
  6. Dunno about that, but the most obvious troubleshooting course of action would be to return the bike to stock and see if the problem goes away. Difficult if you don't have the standard pipe though. Might be worth seeing if the seller still has it.
  7. you would think it should stay cooler rather then heat up with the fan going all the time
  8. I would get it properly checked out and quick.
    From memory the thermal fan cuts in @ 104.C on the 636. Mine never got hot on a run. Always sat from 85 to 90C. But would jump up pretty quick in traffic to 118. I had a PC, full Micron and flowed.
    Top end rebuilds are pretty expensive.
    Just by any chance have you topped up the coolant recently ???? Don't ever mix coolants. If you low out on a run just use water till you get home. Flush the system and use only one brand.
  9. seeing its not heating up in traffic, i would agree that its a fueling issue. does it get worse at certain RPM? if it was a cooling issue, it would heat up in traffic and cool down on the freeway. motors used to be aircooled remember? i would agree that reverting to stock should fix the problem. easy way to check (and fix) the fueling is get it dynoed.
  10. Nope. The spinning fan blades actually allow less air to pass through the core at highway speed. As I understand it anyway
  11. Thanks heaps for the info.
    Straight to the dyno I go..........

    Will update when possible.
  12. Dyno's are not cheap. And finding a guy who knows what he is doing is not easy either.
    If you have a Power Comm and a Laptop. then you can go onto their web site and download the original map they have for your Power Comm, pipe and bike model.
    It cost nothing and worth a stab first before outlaying big $$$ on a dyno.
    That is if you got the connecting leads with the bike when you purchased it. If not any bike shop or member here would have a set laying around.
  13. Sounds like its running lean.....power commander?

    If it has an 02 sensor is the new exhaust system affecting it?
  14. it was explained to me that the thermo fans blew out ie. from the motor out ward and when i went down the highway air rushing in hit up against the air rushing out from the fans causing a wall that the heat couldn't escape from.

    either way $24 for a new thermo couple and a trip to dads house to have him install it and the problem was fixed :)
  15. According to my reading on flying, a windmilling prop creates almost as much drag as a flat disc of the same diameter would. Presumably a similar effect takes place with a fan that isn't turning fast enough to pull air through the radiator as fast as the movement of the bike wants to push it.
  16. Radiator!

    Well I never would have thought????? [-(

    Mike and the mechanics fitted a replacment radiator to fix all my overheating issues.
    And there you have it........

    Thanks to everyone for their input.
  17. thats very strange that a radiator problem manifested itself when air was freely running through it on the freeway assupose to sitting in traffic.
  18. High engine output (eg riding at speed... as you may do on a freeway!) will usually throw up any cooling problems.

    If you start to heat up when going slow or stationary then its thermofan/thermostat checking time...

    Good to hear you got it fixed though, DAF.

    - boingk