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Overheating issues?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by Whiteyy, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Hi, I ride a 2007 Aprilia SXV. Although my radiator is full and there doesn't seem to be any problem with water circulation my bike gets extremely hot waiting at intersections especially on hot days like today. Do you think it's worth investing in bigger radiators? Does anyone else have heat problems on their supermotos?

  2. Have you tried wetter water ?
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  3. No but I did get talked into getting super duper racing coolant that cost like $30 for a few liters.
  4. When you say extremely hot, what are you basing that comment on, heat soak, what you "feel" is normal, or is the bike running roughly, temp gauge in the red etc?
    Is this new behaviour or has it always been this way?
  5. What's in the coolant you got (should be on the bottle)? Did you have the issue before you used that coolant?
    I'm wondering if maybe the coolant used is the issue. Ethylene Glycol, which is often used, needs to be diluted properly. You can buy it almost pure. If you don't dilute it properly then it can cause overheating issues or, at least, running hot.
  6. you need ta answer 109
  7. Do you hear the cooling fans start?
  8. Yeah the fan comes on within a minute of stopping at the light, a few minutes later you hear it switch to the 'this bike is getting too hot' map which lowers the rpm, then it starts running a bit rough so I switch it off. It's only been doing it since summer started on 30+ days. Bike has no temp gauge. The coolant I got was premixed. I've asked around a bit and people tell me these bikes run hot but surely It should last longer than two minutes at the lights.
  9. Check the condition of the radiator itself, especially the section that the fan pulls air through. Air needs to be able to pass through the passages between the metal fins relatively freely in order to effectively cool the fluid flowing through the radiator. These passages get blocked dirt, rocks and other crap, and the fins themselves often get bent closed due to contact with debris. Resolving those issues can make a big difference.
  10. Hmm yeah that would do it...[​IMG]
  11. +1 .....

    And mate - it's an Ape.....don't stop in traffic......go over it
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  12. Something I haven't seen mentioned: if you mix organic coolant and glycol based coolant you end up with a whole bunch of nasty gunk in your cooling system that won't do it's job and can block up the internals of the radiator. It's always a good idea to completely flush any old coolant out before putting the new stuff in and making sure you flush out the radiator itself very thoroughly. Even if you stick to OEM coolant you will eventually get crap building up in the radiator from dust sucking in as it cools, mineral build up, tiny oil leaks etc. It's also possible on some motors to get air pockets that are small enough to not cause catastrophic issues but reduce the efficiency of the cooling system just the same. Bleeding the motor out can be a right PIA sometimes and can even require tilting the bike to odd angles to get all the bubbles out.
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  13. ^^^ Great info there......everyone pokes fun - and then......then one solid piece of good info shines through
  14. It's hard to see just how bad that it. Since your bike is running hot, It would be worth going through with a tooth-pick, ice cream stick or radiator comb and opening up as many of the blocked passages as possible. The other side of the radiator may look the same too.
  15. I reckon he just smashed a fat pigeon WOT.........
  16. If the frames not burning you, it's not hot yet.

    +1 to mixed coolants... It makes jelly... But is this your first summer with it? Maybe it just runs hot? Fuel and valve clearances can contribute as well, as could not bleeding the radiator properly when u changed coolant or a dodgy oil situation. I'd rebelled and check the overflow for gunk.
  17. Also look at checking your oil levels if its overfull it can cause overheating as well as low oil level
  18. What people tell you is right, they run hot, Most race breed SM's do, Sitting at lights wasn't in their design brief and they do not cool effectively at all siting still.

    Some people get an extra fan, hi flow radiators, top of the line coolant (race coolant isn't always better sometimes it just costs more as its designed not to be slipperier than water),
    If you want to use it like this (comuting?) on hot days worth checking some of the places where svx experts hang on the web and see how they tackled it